May 122011

Last night was the May 2011 meeting of the Placer GOP Cent Com.

Notable occurrences:

1. George Park was elected to fill the vacancy left by June Moore moving back east (and not notifying the Cent Com). I predict that David Reade disciple Jim Ruffalo will criticize the move. However, this will eliminate one way that Team Nielsen (which includes Ruffalo, Karen England and the rest of the moderates on the Cent Com) to take cheap shots at Dan Logue. Incidently, George was unopposed – I wonder if that fact will make its’ way into columns, whiny emails or conspiracy theories.

2. Dan Logue appointed Cindy Rowen as his alternate. (Can’t wait to hear Team Nielsen whine about that one)

3. Beth Wright was appointed to fill the Vacancy in D5 by a 13-8 vote.Please note that is 62.5% of the vote. The moderates on the Central Committee did recruit an opponent.

4. Despite being excoriated by Cheryl Bly-Chester in the April meeting – a Golf Tournament Fundraiser was approved by over 2/3 of the Committee. I predict that both Karen and Cheryl will have nothing to do with it. If they do, I will gladly eat my words. All along, I was convniced that the opposition to said Golf Tournament was due more to a desire to interfere with the Committee’s ability to do business than anything legitimate.

Maria Trunzo is 100% capable of bringing together what is necessary to get that thing to succeed – and the Placer CRA will be there to help that thing go off well.

5. The Cent Com – by a 14-7 vote adopted a resolution to end debate about the HQ Partnership. (I am sure that Ruffalo will write about this as well) This was done as a compromise rather than ejecting the ill-mannered Cheryl Bly-Chester from the Cent Com. (My assessment of the situation) For those of you scoring at home: 14-7 is a 2/3 majority, a huge hurdle in parlimentary rules. BTW: Neither Tom Hudson nor Jeff Atteberry voted on this resolution – so it was really 16-7.

6. Ken Campbell – who hasn’t donated to or volunteered for anything Cent Com in years got his 4th Absence. As of late, his rantings about conspiracies and black helicopters had gotten progressively more hysterical. All I have to say is good riddance – amazing as Ken reminded everyone that still listens to him that he was the highest vote-getter for Cent Com.

I think what has happened here is that after 2.5 years of accusations by Karen England et. al. via surrogates over “Corruption” on the Central Committee are starting to fall on deaf ears due to lack of evidence.

If anything – the massive, attempted fraud of the CRA Convention by Karen and those same surrogates in order to deal with some of the “corrupt” operators was another eye-opener for a lot of people. Get it? Let’s commit fraud to deal with corruption… nice, but that logic only works in the world of a select few.

Now, maybe we can focus on the 2012 elections? But, that may be too much for some to handle…

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