Apr 182011

Update: Ron Givens is directly involved in attempts to challenge the legitimacy of the CRA officer elections. I guess my attempts to take the high road meant little or nothing. Mr. Givens posted a video of my 72 year old father and led in to it with inaccurate information. Just amazing how people in politics behave.

Please also note that Givens and others are raising money for yet another lawsuit against CRA. Here I was thinking Givens could be an agent of reconciliation, whoops.

In my tradition of cleaning up my own side of the street – I wanted to clear up two things I wrote about Ron Givens (my opponent for CRA Sgt at Arms):

I had information from PDI Voter Reg Database that showed Ron Givens as a DTS voter from 2004 (who took a Rep Ballot) through 9/21/2010.

Givens sent me info from Sac County that indicated he left the GOP in early 2008 prior to taking a Dem ballot in the 2/5/2008 CA Presidential Primary. This means Ron was a DTS from early 2008 through 9/21/2010 only.

In addition – I highlighted Givens taking a trip to New Zealand to speak out against Three Strikes this coming May.

The blog had a date of 2010 which meant the trip would have occurred while Ron was still a DTS voter – I made an error when I looked at the blog link thinking it was recent and not from last year.

I never meant to attack Ron as being Pro-Choice or No on 8 – I simply focused on his opposition to the death penalty and his opposition to three strikes as demonstrated by the information I found on the internet. If anything I wrote led someone to believe otherwise, I apologize for that as well.

Please note that Mr. Givens was quite gracious in defeat – I had him in the room counting ballots as well out of fairness. Since I was in charge of the elections committee and a candidate – it seemed fair to have my opponent involved in the process as well.

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