Mar 092011

While some “Conservatives” are endorsing the moderate Arnie Zeiderman who talks about the need to cut deals with tax-raising liberals…

… a true Northern Californian with true values is stepping up to the plate.

Does Zeiderman talk grassroots and registration? Nope.

On the issues…
Voter Registration
The state party should make voter registration a priority.  Voter registration should be funded year round.  We lost the last election because there are more Democrats than Republicans.  We will not win statewide until we close the gap.
Proposition 14 – Open Primaries
Republicans should nominate Republican candidates for public office.  We should not allow outside forces to manipulate our process and non-Republicans should nominate their own candidates in their own process.
Our Party should stand against tax increases and support tax cuts.  Always.
The Republican Message
We have to have a message in opposition to the majority party – that is destroying our state.  As California crumbles under the weight of one party rule, we have to offer a message of opportunity, growth and accountability.  We have to reach out and give people a reason to support Republican principles.
State Budget
Republicans who voted for the various tax increase state budgets of the last 10 years made a terrible mistake.

Party functions need to be affordable
We need to NOT have conventions at 5 star resorts in Palm Springs.  It costs too much and sends the wrong message to working families.  We need affordable conventions with speakers that attract people to attend.  We should conduct party business efficiently and discreetly.  We need more people attending our functions.

I don’t run away from the fact that I am a Conservative.  The current crisis we face in California is the result of Liberal big government.  The answer is not more big government.  The Republican Party should remain the home of conservative political thought.

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