Mar 092011

Barry Pruett from Nevada County just lit Arnie Zeiderman up bad. Zeiderman wants to represent the mostly Conservative North State as CRA Vice Chariman Northern Region.

Here’s my issue – “Conservatives” like Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa have endorsed Zeiderman. I can understand Nielsen doing it as Nielsen has shown a proclivity throughout his long political career to cut deals to raise taxes, etc. But Doug LaMalfa!? He is a conservative and is pro life – Zeiderman is not Pro-Life.

It is also my understanding that local Tea Party Members (appointed by Nielsen) and a Candidate for CRA President are also supporting Zeiderman. Unless they come out and publicly contradict Nielsen and endorse Robinette Cook – one has to draw that conclusion.

Barry Pruett also talks about Robinette Cook:

In February, I was fortunate enough to meet both Robin Cook and her opponent in the election for Vice Chairman-North of the California Republican Party.  This election will be held at the CRP Convention in March.  Robin Cook is a solid conservative; she is the type of conservative that California Republicans need in the CRP.  Having worked for Congressman Herger in the past, she understands the politics of success.

When I met her in Chico, she espoused the principles with which I wholeheartedly agree – our rights come from God, and that the genius of our United States Constitution is the idea of a limited form of government.  Robin said, “Our Founding Fathers had it right when they started this country, but the advance of liberal progressives over the last century, especially here in California, has threatened the very liberty and individual freedom for which people gave their lives those many years ago.”

That being said, Robin’s opponent came to our Nevada County Republican Central Committee meeting and told us that we needed to get away from our “rigid positions” and compromise.  What he called “rigid positions,” I call integrity.  Lack of rigid positions and compromise have directly lead to California’s massive deficit and dysfunction.  We can no longer compromise on our conservative “rigid positions.”  These solid conservative principles are the foundation that brought about an American prosperity that this world had never previously seen.

If we fail at any level to elect solid conservatives, we risk losing the liberty and individual freedoms that we hold dear.

Vote for a true conservative Republcian – Vote for Robinette Cook for Vice Chairman-North of California Republican Party.

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