Mar 152011

George and I are such bullies. We decided to start fighting back to protect our good name and that seems to be more than some people can handle.

Case and point. Last Wednesday, we adopted a conflict of interest amendment that was basically written by Karen England and submitted by Tom McClintock’s office. Since it was amended and approved by the Congressman to not cause a train wreck in our by-laws that was more than they could handle.

Karen abstained and Ken Campbell went one step further. He attacked Congressman McClintock for agreeing to amendments. There seems to be no pleasing these people at all. Contrary to Mr. Campbell’s assertions – McClintock’s staff amended the amendment – because they recognized it’s flaws.

Do Karen England and Ken Campbell want a train wreck? Is that why they refused to support this?

Funny, I had an extended conversation with Ford Davies from the local Tea Party – and again protecting the off-the-record nature of it… He seemed to be pleased with the amendment’s passage.

Fast forward to today. Almost on Queue – Jim Ruffalo, the Auburn Journal’s columnist who does not research his columns was out with another “Tom Hudson is Satan” column today.

Like Karen England before him – the accusations fly with no evidence. There has never been any evidence presented of wrongdoing. But, every time they lose votes or don’t get their way, the rhetoric is ratcheted up.

In Campbell’s blog rant and his comments on Rufalo’s column, he refers to Karen England as the whistleblower. Effectively, Campbell ‘outs’ Karen England as the source of the angst in the local Tea Party. 

I have come to understand that most in the local Tea Party have not gone as far as Ken Campbell in accusing people of committing felonies – but the presistent drumbeat has been there by some.

Recently, despite Karen telling people that Ken Campbell is “no friend of hers” Ken is referring to Karen as the whistle-blower.

I am not sure if Karen England wants that sort of attention – or being labeled as the whistle-blower.

Ken Campbell for his troubles – wrote a comment in Ruffalo’s Column:

Here is some more trouble the Park brothers are in; Assemblyman Dan Logues’s representative George Park and his brother Aaron Park. Central Committee member Karen England has been a whistle-blower telling everyone of the antics of Park/ Hudson. The Parks have absolutely no shame and have been trying to slander and destroy the reputation of whistle-blower Karen England. The Parks manufacture outrageous things and post it on their website. Well whistle-blower Karen England hired a lawyer and she is suing them for liable and slander. Whistle-blower Karen England’s attorney sent Assemblyman Dan Logues’s representative George Park and Aaron Park a letter. Most normal people would be embarrassed to receive a letter that shows them to be liars and slim balls, but not the Parks.

Two things to note: 1. Ken Campbell is taking shots at Dan Logue in advance of his supporting Jim Nielsen in the upcoming state senate primary against him and 2. “Slim Balls” He must be referring to my brother’s weight loss.

I will give Ken credit for one thing. He is a public figure – just like Karen England. As such, I have called him psycho for years and I have never gotten a letter from his lawyer alleging that he is not mentally ill.

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