Feb 032011

I was quoted in this article a couple times. Jason Probst, formerly of the Roseville Press-Tribune wrote this article.

Basically, it highlighted some of the rifts in the local party that have manifest themselves after Doolittle was forced to retire. Interestingly, some of those causing the problems were staunch enemies of Doolittle. (Karen England, Ken Campbell)

I take note of two quotes in this article:

Within the Placer County Republican Central Committee—which is the workhorse of the local Republican party—the hard-right contingent and moderate wing are in open war over the party’s direction and how to approach virtually every task.

Spencer Short – part of the contingent labeled as moderate had the following quote at the end:

“John had a way of bringing people together and working through issues. The central committee has had some issues that haven’t fairly been addressed,” he said. “Those issues need to be critically approached and discussed honestly.”

Interesting, the last year has been a public discussion in local media about said issues. Welcome to politics…

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