Jan 142011

Donald O’Connor from somewhere in Placer pulled papers. No one knows anything about him – except that he is not the same Donald O’Connor of 1940’s Vaudville Fame. (That guy’s career was impressive)

Anyone with info on Placer’s Donald O’Connor is invited to contact us so we can post on him.

I was contacted last night by a Matt Williams – not the same Matt Williams that had an almost hall of fame major league baseball career – this Matt Williams is a serious candidate for Assembly from South Lake Tahoe.

Visit www.mattwilliamsforassembly.com for more information on this candidate.

He sent me the following e-mail:

This is for Mr. Aaron F. Park:
As one of the candidates for the 4th Assembly District seat, I respectfully request that you visit my webpage at www.MattWilliamsForAssembly.com. I am a retired Coast Guard officer, former high school teacher, two-time Olympic torch-bearer, fourth-generation Californian, and current attorney-at-law in South Lake Tahoe. If elected, I will return 20 percent of my Assemblyman’s salary to the taxpayers, which is consistent with my platform of creating jobs, cutting government spending, and improving our schools. My webpage details my platform and my position papers on the major issues. I have also provided a 4-point contract with 4th District voters, which includes quarterly meetings to enable me to keep my constituents informed of state government actions and proposed bills and policies, and, just as important, the opportunity for me as an elected official to stay in touch with what citizens desire. I believe that public service is an honor and privilege, and not a path to wealth and riches. My campaign theme is, “Restore the GOLD in our Golden State.” I look forward to your input. I can be reached at
[email protected]. Thank you.

The total is now 7 Republicans almost assuring Dennis Campanelle (a Dem) of being one of the top two:

John Allard
Beth Gaines
Jeff Randall
Michael Babich
Paul Hunt
Matt Williams
Donald O’Connell
Cheryl Bly-Chester

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