Jan 242011

BREAKING – Coming soon to www.rightondaily.com the 132 page document, recently obtained, that shows all of Cheryl’s evidence of rampant corruption in the Placer GOP.

Cheryl Bly-Chester is known as a firey activist.

The same passion that got her 7,000 votes for Governor in 2003 was on display in May of 2010.

Cheryl Bly-Chester took on “Voter Fraud” right here in Placer County. (When she wasn’t busy talking to the local media, assassinating the character of Local Conservative Activists…)

 – Voter Fraud

The Placer GOP webmaster screwed up and mistakenly posted Placer CRA endorsements on the Placer GOP website. The above voicemail is how she decided to let the leadership of the Placer GOP know there was a problem.

In Cheryl’s mind, that calls for an investigation of Voter Fraud by the world criminal court in the Hague.

If you were not at the meeting in January – Cheryl was accusing George Park and Tom Hudson of embezzlement, Fraud and Extortion. Then, after being on the losing end of several votes that evening – she and Karen England ran to the local media to get Jim Ruffalo and Ed Fletcher to write negative stories against the Central Committee.

.. and Cheryl wants to be taken seriously as an Assembly Candidate?

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