Jan 142011

This blogger recently was informed of an email written by two members of the local tea party.

These two members are convinced, along with several liberal Republican critics of the Central Committee of “rampant corruption”.

They were convinced they had uncovered the latest scandal (and, I am not referring to running for Lt. Governor, either). In fact, Assembly Candidate Cheryl Bly-Chester was in the Placer County Registrar’s Office around 4:40pm in Auburn CA on Thursday (the 13th) complaining about this latest non-issue.

You see, Committee Member Elect Jeff Allen – according to them was appointed Vice Chair of the Sacramento County Central Committee last week. But, last night, the wicked Tom Hudson was there voting as Jeff Allen’s alternate on the Placer Central Committee.


Whoops. The Sacramento County Republican Central Committee hasn’t met yet. DOH! Jeff Allen’s re-registration to Sacramento County (away from Placer) wasn’t processed until this morning (Thursday the 13th).

When you tilt at windmills – sometimes the other side of the windmill clobbers you upside the head.

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