Oct 202010

WHAT!? A liberal rag in a college town endorses Carly!?

Other media outlets have endorsed Carly:

LA Daily News – Carly
SDUT – Carly
OC Reg – Carly
Bakersfield Californian – Carly
Riverside Press-Enterprise – Carly
SF Chron could not endorse Boxer
… and countless other papers are hiding

So, the Chico paper jumps in (Not without ripping on a Republican in the process, btw…)


While Wally Herger has produced little in the way of results in Congress (see related editorial), the same could be said for Sen. Barbara Boxer.

The difference on Nov. 2 is that Herger faces an uninspiring opponent. Boxer does not. Carly Fiorina is full of promise. She’s bright, engaging, has considerable success in the private sector, and is focused on jobs and the economy.

Boxer, meanwhile, hasn’t done much in 18 years in the Senate. She’s one of the most liberal members in the Senate, which explains why we rarely see her in this part of the state. Though Boxer came close last week with a campaign stop in Sutter County, the last time Boxer was in Butte County was January 2004. Carly Fiorina was in Chico in May.

Given a decent alternative in Fiorina, we think it’s time California voters gave somebody else a shot.

It sucks to be Barbara Boxer.

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