Oct 122010

Rudy Guiliani lit up Barbara Boxer:

“In the case of Barbara Boxer, she wears us all down.  I mean, it is time for a change. Gosh o’ mighty, hasn’t it been long enough that she’s been doing ruinous things to the state of California and the United States of America? Insulting some of our military heroes – shame on her for doing that. Who does she think she is that she can insult someone that puts their lives at risk for our country? So, it’s about time to end a career that has been enormously harmful to the state of California, just look at the results. If you like what’s going on in California today, if you like 12% unemployment, if you want to see it go to 15%, then re-elect Barbara Boxer.  If you’d like to see that unemployment rate go down, if you’d like to see policies like a great governor of California, Ronald Reagan, did for California; if you’d like to see that, well then you vote for Carly Fiorina.  I think the choice is pretty clear.

But – Carly Fiorina unloaded one of the biggest campaign bombshells to date:

“Barbara Boxer has become a part of the Washington buddy system.  She has become an insider who profits from her position, who profits from her access, and her family members have profited as well. … Barbara Boxer herself has profited from access to at least five IPO’s, her family member’s have benefitted from her service, she has become a multimillionaire while serving as a U.S. senator, she voted herself a 40% pay increase in the dead of night.  Barbara Boxer has profited handsomely from being a member of the Washington buddy system, but the people of California have suffered while she has been in Washington, DC.  And this, a senator who chairs the ethics committee, her behavior should be beyond reproach, and instead, what we find is that her behavior is like so many others – of both parties frankly – so many others who have been in Washington, DC for too long, and who take advantage of their position.”

Have a look at the expose’ the Wall Street Journal Did on Congressional Staffers Profiting from their positions

It slams Harry Reid – but according to the previous post (WISTBB #7) it looks like Barbara Boxer is up to her neck in slime again.

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