Oct 072010

The Reverend Karen England hit the jackpot with the Doug LaMalfa for State Senate 2010 Committee.

Now we know why Karen worked all those hours for LaMalfa and dedicated herself to attempting to destroy Myself, Aaron and Tom Hudson personally.

When you see checks for $10,000 to Capitol Resource Family Impact, $10,000 to Save our Kids (another “project” of the CRI) and another $5,000 later that same year – the picture becomes crystal clear.

It was time to lie, lie and lie again to get her man elected. One could easily conclude that the financial future of the Capitol Resource Institute depended on getting Doug LaMalfa elected in the mind of the Reverend Karen England. At best, it was supporting a major donor.

The shake-down of Doug LaMalfa ran its’ course for $27,500 total.

Karen England never once volunteered any of this information while pointing the finger at other people who earned income off their political activity… And of course, we were all treated to the self-righteous rants about her volunteer service to the Conservative Cause.

Look at the enormous sums of money donated by Doug LaMalfa to the Reverend England’s “Charity” – it explains her psychotic rampage against the members of the Placer County Republican Party that supported Rick Keene.

P.S. Exodus 23:8: Take no bribes, for a bribe makes you ignore something that you clearly see. A bribe makes even a righteous person twist the truth

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