Oct 012010

This is really simple. Roger Niello said it himself in the Roseville Press-Tribune:  “That’s the one issue they have on me — raising taxes. There isn’t anything else.”

Yes – raising taxes, that’s enough to decimate even the best candidate. Roger Niello is a “Nice Guy”, engaging, gutsy and wrong.

At a debate at Granite Bay Country Club (whose owners ironicly are supporting Niello) when asked “What’s important to the district?”… with Niello up first, he said the following:

What I find when I drive around the district is that people don’t really care about taxes“, and then what I believe will be the quote of the campaign, “If you don’t have a job, then taxes don’t matter...”

Do I get to skip out on my VLF if I don’t have a job? (car tax)
Do I get to take the old Dependent Tax Credit if I don’t have a job?
Do I get to pay 7.25% sales tax instead of 8.25% sales tax if I don’t have a job?

Of course not – which is why David Wolf of the Howard Jarvis taxpayers association called the Feb 2009 budget one of the most regressive tax increases ever. (translation – it screws the lower-income folks hard)

The next set of questions are:

How many businesses left California after that budget took effect?
How many businesses cut employees, cut hours, froze pay-raises or have decided not to hire because of that budget?

These are extremely difficult questions I believe Mr. Niello has no good answer for.

Roger Niello does, however have a good answer for the $7800 check he got from the SEIU, that is until Mr. Niello fumbled a question about what he’d do with the Hatch Act. (The Hatch act basically made public employee unions all-powerful in California)

“If you don’t have a job, then taxes don’t matter…” – that’s a game-changer… this is Roger Niello’s way of saying raising taxes was the right thing to do.

Now the voters get to decide if that philosophy merits a seat in the State Senate.

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