Oct 192010

It says little and is very general. I also note that it is a normal page folded in half. It, of course featured the obligatory pictures you’d normally see!

Please see the front and the reverse of the mailer.

I did pick a few items out that interested me.

1. The endorsement list is pretty thin – he seems to have about half the “High-Power” endorsements of Sam Cannon. This may not be a 100% negative in this “find-the-boogie-man” race.

(The irony is that Herman does indeed have the “Old Roseville” establishment pushing to the extreme for him)

2. It is absent the mention of his affiliation with the Charlie Brown for Congress Campaign – and is also absent a lot of local Dem leaders… with the exception of the three endorsements he has based his campaign on – Garbolino, Garcia and Bonner.

3. It features his service on committees – most notably (in my mind) the sustainability action committee. This dovetails well with his opposition to Prop 23, support of an electric car ordinance and his calls for more “Green Jobs”.

4. The mailer is bullet-pointed and has far less words than you typically see in campaign mailers. Either this is smart marketing or trying to stretch limited material out over a pre-prescribed area.

All in all, it is not a bad mailer – but, I am not impressed with it either. It needed more “meat”.

I give Tim’s campaign a 6.5 (a C+) on this effort.

Scale: 1-2 F / 3-4 D / 5-6 C / 7-8 B / 9-10 A

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