Oct 062010

Recently in the last 5 days – I have seen Todd Lowell signs sprouting up in Rocklin. I have seen one Steve Paul sign. One.

At this point, I am voting for Todd Lowell.

I can not and will not vote for a non-Republican. I know a lot of people like Wendy Lang and think she’s great… but she needs to re-register, unless she truly does not see herself aligned with any political party.

I have been less than impressed with Glenn Moeller – even though I was there when the Republican Central Committee endorsed him.

There were only two GOP incumbents Steve Paul and Todd Lowell running for re-election. Amanda did not attempt to get our endorsement.

I don’t know anything about Amanda.

What I know of Steve Paul is the angry email he sent to some people I know in the Charter School movement. (I’d get irritated if I was made up to look like Lenin and/or Bhreznev as well)

What I know of Glenn Moeller is every campaign mistake in the book…

Meantime – Rocklin is sprouting Todd Lowell Signs and Wendy Lang signs.

This seems to be the exact reverse of the Rocklin City Council race.


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