Oct 022010

UPDATE – This afternoon my house was also walked by Greg Janda’s crew. This means only Scott Yuill of the four major candidates has not visited my house…

On the reverse – Greg Janda lists his endorsements, a must for establishment candidates… in this cycle, I am not sure how that will play with the angry voters in Rocklin.

In a normal cycle having three Rocklin electeds, the Rocklin Police Union and the current and a few former Chamber of Commerce Presidents would show strength.

Janda’s platform is rock-solid. It screams conservative and also hits all the hot buttons of the angry Rocklin voters:

Attracting More Business to fill all the vacancies
Responsible Spending
Limiting the City Manager’s Salary
No Tax Increases
Protect Public Safety

It also helps that Janda is photogenic and so is his family.

On the reverse – Greg Janda touts his qualifications:

Small Business Owner for 13 years – to reinforce ballot designation
Leadership Rocklin – an insider qualification
Active Community Member – an attempt to match his two major opponents

The best part of the mailer by far is the quote from Brett Storey…

Janda also touted the Rocklin Police Union endorsement on the back side with the Brett Storey quote.

All in all – this is pleasing to the eye. It is also laid out well.

However, the main drawback is that it is cookie-cutter – very similar to many political mailers you’ve seen in the past and will see in the future.

It’s a solid – yet uninspired effort – but it is indicitive of Greg getting good advice from seasoned professionals.

It is also what I believe to be an accurate representation of Greg’s Core Values – it should get Greg some votes.

Having been a grizzled veteran of many campaigns – I am a very difficult grader on political mail… Greg Janda, 7.5 for a B+

P.S. the scale 3.5 and below F 4 D 5 C 6 C+ 7 B 8 A- 9 A 10 A+

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