Oct 032010

That’s what she told the Auburn Journal. (Quote: She was also the state’s Republican delegate for Congressman Tom McClintock, a post she also vacated. (McClintock) said he understood and promised to re-appoint me on Nov. 3 (the day after the general election).

She also told the Auburn Journal she is taking over the world um, the Central Committee with some sort of “reform” slate she was a part of.

England was also part of that reform slate which takes control of the Placer County Republican Central Committee in January.

Did that include the Moderates she endorsed like Spencer Short and Cheryl Bly-Chester? I’m confused. Karen is running against the Moderate Abel Maldonado because he is a RINO – but in the Primary “teamed up” with some “Moderates” to “reform” the Central Committee?

(It should be noted that the Central Committee endorsed several Moderate Republicans in this election cycle)

As usual – Ruffalo never called Tom Hudson, myself or George for comment… just like small number of Karen’s friends in the local Tea Party who never question what Karen tells them.

This Lt. Governor campaign is really getting bizarre… I wonder how all those donors to the CRI are feeling?

P.S. One final question – Will Karen Publicly commit that any unused money in her Lt. Governor account be given to charities other than the CRI or any causes related to the CRI?

Remember, Karen can roll all the money from her Lt. Governor account in to her own charity after Nov 2. Cozy.

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