Oct 292010

I am truly suprised.

The Placer Herald prints their hatchet job against Amanda Tingler, Glenn Moeller and Joe Scharrer and the same day this mailer comes. The timing is really interesting.

That does not take away from the fact that it is a great mailer.

I need to look up the voter registrations of the other 5 folks quoted – but I know Camille Maben is a liberal Democrat who once worked for Delaine Eastin.

Eastin was known for attacking private schools in favor of Union schools in the mold of Bill Honig who ran the ICR out of California.

Other than having a glowing quote from a liberal Democrat – the Mailer is a success on several fronts:

On the address side – excellent pictures of the candidates. I am not a fan of the suit-and-tie look on the guys, but that’s just me. (I drive a Subaru Outback and wear sandals)

It also tells you what to vote for – someone with marketing experience put this together.

On the Back – they cite all the rave reviews the district is getting. There are a lot of number #1’s listed when compared to the area or the entire State. (Remember, California’s schools are ranked 49th in the nation overall)

They then use six endorsees that look like a representative sample of the communtiy to make the case as to why they should be re-elected.

I appreciate the fact that they are not running from the fact that they are incumbents – rather, like Scott Yuill, they are making the case why they deserve to be spared the wrath of the angry voter.

Here’s the insider scoop – between the Placer Herald Hit Peice on Amanda Tingler and Glenn Moeller and this mailer coming out… it tells me that Both Amanda and Glenn are getting traction.

I have news for the RUSD – it would not be a bad thing for some new blood to come on board, really.

All the above said – this mailer is a 9.5, quite possibly, it is the best mailer I have seen from any campaign for any reason this entire cycle. It was done by someone with marketing experience and makes a compelling case to re-elect the incumbents.

It could be too little too late for at least one of the incumbents.

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