Oct 042010

Think this one through.

The Tea Party scored a major win in Alaska. Lisa Murkowski, the squish that was vanquished in the Alaska Senate Primary got angry and filed as a write-in candidate.

Those on the right cried foul – just like they did when Michael Castle hinted at a run and just like they did when the RINO (worse than a squish) Charlie Crist filed as an independent against Marco Rubio in Florida.

The anger was that the Tea Party / Conservatives knocked off liberals in the Primaries only to have the liberals run again to apparently defeat the Conservative by splitting votes off.

This also happened in 2008 when Uber-Liberal Congressmembers Wayne Ghilcrist and Joe Schwarz were defeated in their GOP primaries and then endorsed and campaigned for the Democrats who won both of those Republican seats in Congress…

There is a reverse situation in California.

The Liberal – very Liberal Republican Abel Maldonado won.

The Reverend Karen England was nowhere to be found in the Primary… she did not actively assist any Conservative who was on the ballot against Maldonado. Nor did Karen England have the courage to run for LG herself – so there’s one difference.

Now, here she is filing as a write in and she is telling people at Tea Party meetings she hopes to get 50,000-60,000 votes.

This is an obvious attempt to help Gavin Newsome – what other conclusion can you draw?

If it is OK for England to run as a write-in against Abel – then it should also be OK for Murkowski and Crist to do what they are doing… you can’t split it because there is an ideaological difference between the races and be consistent.

Think it through -The Reverend Karen England is California’s Lisa Murkowski.

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