Oct 172010

Want to know why Mike Thompson is freaked out over the candidacy of Robert Stryk?

The Villagio. The Villagio is one of the Democrat’s retreats and it is in the heart of Yountville. This is where the Socialists go to plot the re-construction of America.

At that very Villagio in the not-too-distant-future… the Democrats are going to make believe they are not going to get their tails whipped for an evening. This evening is a Fundriaser for Mike Thompson with Nancy Pelosi – since they both live within 5 miles of Yountville, not too much of a stretch.

… and Bill Clinton. Yes, THAT Bill Clinton.

Here’s where it gets more interesting:

John Dunbar the other “Republican” candidate for Mayor of Yountville is a “special guest” at Baghdad Mike’s soiree.

Nice, huh.

Robert’s offense is asking questions about the high salaries, the high amount of city staff and of course the Villagio flying one of his employees cross-country in a fishing expedition.

All this and Stryk was physically assaulted at a candidates’ forum + has had a Mike Thompson financed private investigator chasing after him.

Sounds like a sick dime novel.

There is another chapter, speaking of Bill Clinton – John Dunbar’s wife lives in Arizona. Rumor has it that the reporter from the Napa paper and John Dunbar are “quite friendly”.

The only part that’s going to be real fun is Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to losing her ass on election day and seeing a Real Republican as Mayor of Yountville – right in her backyard.

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