Sep 102010

Barbara Alby is the “third-person-in”. A third man in penalty in Hockey is when two guys are brawling and a third guy joins in – it is a Game Misconduct and a guaranteed suspension, but I digress.

I was not sure of how Alby was going to distinguish herself from the other candidates. But, now I know.

The first thing was obvious – help Roger Niello make a Ted Gaines sandwich. Ted Gaines is the front-runner, everyone knows that. Ted Gaines did not vote for the largest tax increase in state history – Roger Niello did.

Barbara Alby was an employee of Bill Leonard’s at the time.

Barbara Alby has an impeccible record of being a Conservative activist. This is something only Gaines can approach as Gaines had some political activity before running his first race.

Niello was always part of the Sacramento Business and political insider community – he was born in to it.

Alby put the CRA on the map in Northern California – as she has spoken about several times.

Barbara Alby truly sees herself as the only crusader for true Republican values in the SD-01 race. Given how Niello appears to be approaching the race, Alby’s strategy could gain some traction.

Where will the Crusader rasie money from?

Will anyone regard Barbara Alby after her distant third place finish in the BOE race just completed? Could Barbara Alby be on her way to becoming the Harold Stassen of California Republican Politics? (read more on Stassen here as well)

The interesting thing of note is that Alby on more than one occasion was left out of the questions in the CRA debate and the exchanges were between Ted Gaines and Roger Niello.

It will be interesting to see where the polls move and if Alby can get any traction.

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