Sep 152010

In the same conversation, I took the time to talk to Tim about his stances on social issues.

Tim related a story he experienced when he was young – to explain why he supports waiting periods on gun sales. He worked at a gun store when he was younger and related an experience about one guy with ‘wild eyes’ that was asking for particular guns by model name and the like.

This bizarre experience caused Tim to believe that anyone buying a gun should be subject to a waiting period and gun registration.

When I asked him about the Abortion and Gay Marriage issue – his theme about those issues was that he “did not want to stand in judgement”. Tim considers himself Pro-Choice but says he would not opt for an abortion himself or recommend it to someone close to him.

As to Gay Marriage – I think he understood I was also talking about David Larson’s marriage to Brad as well as in general. Tim’s attitude is that you love who you love and he should not stand in judgement or get in the way of that.

This is consistent with what I remember when we knew him in the Roseville Chamber of Commerce in the late 90’s when my business first joined that Chamber of Commerce. He never did like the innvocation that used to be a part of the meetings – it was eventually eliminated in the period between 2003-2009 when we were not members of the Chamber, ostensibly during 2004 when Herman served as president of the Chamber.

Mr. Herman also ran for Roseville Joint Union High School District Governing Board of Directors. His main issue was eliminating the practice of notifying parents before their children are taken off campus for confidential medical services (ostensibly Abortions).

When I asked him about this – Tim was quite straightforward – He felt that many children did not have good relationships with their parents and having confidentiality was critical.

Tim also talked about the environment some in our conversation – renewable energy and managed growth, but this was covered in my analysis of his ballot statement and part 2 of the inverview.

Without injecting my personal disagreements – I am leaving Tim’s statements as given to me in the phone call to stand.

It is my sincerest hope that the three part series on Mr. Herman was informative as to his philosophy and can help make a better informed decision as to how he would govern.

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