Sep 132010

Tim explained to me that as a businessowner that he has to deal with budgeting all the time and that is a huge qualification he holds to serve on the Roseville City Council.

Sounds Good – Tim also explained that the boards and commissions he sits on also involve decisions regarding millions of tax dollars.

In the past – Tim Herman supported the Roseville City School District Modernization Bond and sat on the citizens oversight panel for it.

He also supported the Roseville Joint Union High School District Bond Measures – all three of them, including the drastically pared-down Measure J that finally passed with the support of former Congressman John Doolittle.

Despite supporting the above Bonds – Tim Herman told me, “I don’t really like bonds”.

We talked about the budgeting and what he’d do if the local public employees’ union started flexing their muscles and threatening the council… Tim indicated a open mind and negotiations were in order, but ultimately, “The best interests of the citizens should win out.”

(The Union has not endorsed anyone that I know of)

I did not get a chance to ask Tim how the Green initiatives he supports will be cost effective or how sustainability along with budget cuts can work – but that is a conversation for another time.

Part of Tim Herman’s vision for Roseville are balanced budgets – we did not have time to discuss priorities other than safety coming first.

He did stress several times that his number one mission is getting the Drexel University Campus built in West Roseville to being tax revenue in to the city. I did ask if that would be built with bond money – or did he support Mello-Roos taxes on the homeowners for improvements out there.

Like many items – Tim indicated that he wants to look at all the facts and make an informed decision…

To Be Continued – Tim Herman on Social Issues

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