Sep 072010

Lincoln City Council Candidate Stan Nader took the time to send me an email and explain why he was recalled in 1993 when he was on the City Council. Nader also decided to attend the Placer GOP BBQ today to meet some members of the Central Committee.

Gabriel Hydrick declined an invitation to come to the Placer GOP BBQ on Labor Day after sharing with me his aggrivations toward the Republican Party in our phone call a few days ago.

We had recommended Richard Peral for an endorsement – not knowing that he is a consultant whose profession it is to get local tax measures passed – whoops. The Cent Com chose not to endorse in the Lincoln City Council Race.

Below is the text of an email from Stan Nader:

In 1993 the City Council, of which I was a member, voted in a utility user’s tax.  At the time it was not a requirement to put it to a vote of the people.  I felt we were elected to make those difficult decisions.

The City Council was told if we did not vote in the tax we would lose five police officers of the sixteen we had at that time.  I did not feel it was worth jeopardizing the community’s safety for the amount of the tax (average five dollars/month/household.)

A recall of four Council members was mounted by an individual who had previously lost a no-growth referendum (eighty percent defeat.)  He spread alot of mistruths to turn the community against the Council.  It was impossible for the Council to defend itself.

Once the tax was removed the City lost nine officers and that  meant that the City only had seven officers.  It was a very stressful time for the police department and City was very fortunate nothing major happened during that time.

The City Council now is asking for twenty to twenty-five dollars/month/household to save four police officers.  I am not supporting the proposed utility user’s tax, because I believe the City has not sacrificed enough in the way it is spending the taxpayer’s monies before asking for more.  The City has overcompensated top  management and unnecessary consultants.  It’s not that I don’t want to keep our police and fire services, it’s that the city’s
spending has to come under control FIRST.

— so there you have it folks.

Lincoln City Council Race Update Concluded.

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