Sep 152010

Anyone who reads this blog realizes that I rail against “Green” policies as they can and often do get carried WAY too far. Case and point is turning the most fertile farmland in America in to a dust bowl to protect a smelt.

Now – I give yoou the following sent to me by my Wife who works for a radio station that is a purchaser of the John Tesh program:

Getting ready to take out the trash? Someone may be watching. According to ABC News, several cities in North America are using new high-tech trash cans to see if residents are following recycling laws. For example, in Cleveland , the city is passing out trash cans embedded with radio frequency I.D. tags, and trash trucks outfitted with ID tag readers. If your recycling bin doesn’t weigh enough, or get picked up enough, you can be fined $100.

Ronnie Owens is Cleveland ’s waste collection commissioner, and he says we need to start thinking differently about trash. Instead of throwing everything away, people need to take an extra step and sort their garbage, putting recyclables like plastic, paper, aluminum and cardboard in one bin, and non-recyclables – like food waste – in the other. He also says the high-tech program has financial benefits. For instance, it costs the city $30 per ton to haul trash away, but the city gets paid $26 for every ton it recycles.

Some residents say the plan is a step in the right direction, but there are critics who say “Big Brother” shouldn’t be snooping on people. In fact, there’s a push to replace the city council members behind what they call the “spy-can plan.” Other cities are jumping on the recycling bandwagon. New York and San Francisco issue fines for not recycling, even though they don’t have sensors on trash cans. In other cities with trash-tracking programs, residents are rewarded for recycling – instead of being penalized if they don’t. For instance, for every pound of recyclables people in Chicago , Phoenix and Toronto collect, they’re given points, which can then be redeemed at local retailers, like Bed, Bath & Beyond and CVS Pharmacy.

Cleveland has gone way too far – Democrats in all their glory.

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