Sep 212010

As posted on the Flashreport – Ken Campbell is supporting the insurgent campaign of Karen England.

The former Chairman of the Placer GOP highlighted that he is a national board member of the Tea Party and threw down the gauntlet to the GOP.

I am still wondering where this fire was when a true conservative (Sam Aanestad) was on the ballot against Abel in the Primary.

England resigned from the California Republican Party and the Rightondailyblog wonders if Ken Campbell is next…

Posted in its’ Entirety – Campbell’s comment on the flashreport:

This is great, go for it Karen.

As a national board member for the Tea Party Patriots (TPP) I have to say this will be a very interesting drill.

The TPP have over 2,700 groups across the United States. Our emails reach 20 million people. We hold tightly to three principles, fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government, and the free market. Certainly by any objective standard Abel fails on each of these three principles, and is in fact hostile to these three principles and to the TPPs.

We look forward to seeing the radio talk show hosts, the Republican leaders and the Republican elected officials who support Able and thereby prove themselves to be hostile to the three TPP principles of fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government and the free market. We look forward to helping you join the Mike Castle club.

Every county Republican central committee needs to prove they are not hostile to these three principles. They must immediately meet to confirm they believe in fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government and the free market thereby pulling their endorsement from Abel and endorsing Karen England and these three principles. We really don’t want to see the Mike Castle club grow.

What Mr. Campbell is saying is that he was nowhere to be found when Sam Aanestad was on the ballot against Abel Maldonado and now that Maldonado is the nominee of the GOP, those of us within the party are supposed to revolt and support Karen England?

And of course, the communication is replete with threats as well – all from a national board member of the Tea Party.

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