Aug 242010

Quick Note: This blogger is 100% under the opinion that Barbara Alby is running as well. Alby is a Conservative former Assemblymember from the 5th Assembly District (the one sought by Pugno that Niello is vacating).

Ted Gaines got a piece of mail out this past weekend.

Here’s what Gaines’ logo looks like.

It does not say which office he is running for – why?

Gaines is on the ballot twice in some areas —  Re-Election to Assembly (AD-04) and running for SD-01.

Have a look at the Front and Back of Gaines’ mailer.

Remember Gaines’ slogan, “Commitment we Trust, Values we Share” – which occurs on the reverse of the insert.

Also included was a letter telling us that Ted Gaines is the only tax-fighter (which is expected) and how he needs signatures in lieu of a filing fee.

Of particular note is the P.S. at the very end – highlighting the endorsement of Tom McClintock.

Why did Gaines’ bury that endorsement?

Have a look at the letter…

All in all, a good piece…but I think the real angle is Ted trying to dissuade Alby from running.

If Barbara Alby runs – that will split the Conservative vote. Both Gaines and Alby have recently discovered the Tea Party meetings – will one of them inherit that monicre – or will the Tea Party file candidate number 4?

Remember – Ted Gaines:  “Commitment we Trust, Values we Share”

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