Aug 022010

… and a major headache for one Assemblyman and state Seante Candidate Ted Gaines.

John Doolittle. Congressman – whose penchant for earmarking was fine for 16 years until a few folks with a personal axe to grind made an issue of it.

John Doolittle – someone reputed to be isolated, aloof, with few friends. At least if you listen to people who don’t like him.

John Doolittle – innocent man, but in the world of politics, when someone close to you is crooked – an opportunist can come in and make an issue of it to smear you. Remember, Jack Abramoff who was convicted of corruption and spent time in Federal Prison? Jack raised and donated to John Doolittle – therefore John Doolittle was corrupt, right?

Ted Gaines was one of those who capatalized on this weakness of John Doolittle, so did another Republican candidate who does not even live here anymore. (Most of his major supporters have moved on to the Tea Parties or out of the County now.)

Ted Gaines? His political career was practically launched by John Doolittle from his early days in local government he enjoyed the support of the Doolittle machine.

The opportunist on the Dem side was an empty Military Uniform named Charlie Brown. He ran against Doolittle in 2006 – losing by only 3% and he came within 1700 votes of Tom McClintock who stepped in after Gaines and company forced a badly damaged John Doolittle to retire.

(we know the story about the $8 million beating put on McClintock in the primary – so I won’t repeat it)

Now Charlie Brown was appointed by Obama to ruin our military in some job in the pentagon.

Here’s the irony. John Doolittle has been absolved, acquitted and basically found innocent by virtue of the arrogant jerks in the Justice department saying after 6+ years and bankrupting John Doolittle personally that they are not pursuing their investigation any longer.

However, Charlie Rangel (who was one of Charlie Brown’s biggest boosters) – who also raised money for and donated to Charlie Brown just got indicted on 13 counts by the house ethics committee.

For the benefit of those with axes to grind or personal agendas against John Doolittle – the final indictment score is Rangel 13, John Doolittle 0.

Imagine if Charlie Brown had beaten Tom McClintock? (this blogger and others would be having a field day right now)

Further Irony – a now exhonerated and restored John Doolittle is supporting Roger Niello for office over former nemises Ted Gaines and Charlie Brown is sitting in the Pentagon happy right about now that he is not in office.

Will this affect the SD-01 Race?


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