Aug 152010

They printed a letter to the editor calling Jerry McNerney a “Voice of Moderation”.

I guess this means that the Stockton Record is published in China, because that is one of the few areas that could be considered Liberal if McNerney is a Moderate.

If Jerry McDonkey is a Moderate – where does that leave Meg Whitman? Would she be a Conservative by comparison?

That is scary… I can’t believe the Editor did not put a disclaimer on that letter.

McNerney voted with Pelosi 95 percent of the time.

In 2007, scored more liberal than Barbara Boxer according to Americans for Democratic Action.

Instead of creating jobs – McNerney favors allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire. McNerney favored a drilling moratorium, rescinding drilling leases driving us gas prices and favors Cap and Trade – the largest tax increase in American History. (Even if you count the effect of letting the Bush Tax Cuts expire)

Jerry McDonkey and Barbara Boxer tout the stimulus –

The current recession is 32 months old – double the next longest Recession since WWII.

The current ADMITTED National Unemployment rate is 9.5%. When McNerney was elected to Congress (after smearing Richard Pombo with half-baked lies to get himself elected)- Unemployment was 4.5%.

What McNerney has done is not governance – it is abusive. When you add in the dirty money McDonkey got from Rangel and Maxine Waters – he isn’t even ethical, either.

The Solution – David Harmer for Congress.

What the Stockton Record did printing that letter to the editor was Orwellian Yellow Journalism… and for that, this Jug’s for you.

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