Aug 082010

Jerry McNerney.

A left-wing cylon that would be on the fringe of any district. But – what makes McNerney worse is that he is an empty military uniform that ran for office on a platform of “I’m a Veteran” and “Pombo is corrupt”.

Guess what? Pombo never came close to getting indicted and John Doolittle was exhonerated.

Now McNerney has a four-year track record of screwing the military, raising taxes, promoting socialism and moral values that belong in a psychological manual as opposed to in mainstream society.

Very simple.

David Harmer = lower taxes. Jerry McNerney = Higher Taxes.

David Harmer = less government. Jerry McNerney = socialized healthcare, tax payer-funded abortion and government takeover of industry.

David Harmer = values. Jerry McNerney = 100% record from NARAL, high ratings from LGBT groups and the ACLU.

Now who’s the extremist?

If you want a return to common sense – David Harmer is it. Jerry McNerney has distinguished himself as being the incumbent Congressional Politician who is way on the fringe.

Need more? Mcnerney has served his master Nancy Pelosi well – 98.5% of the time he has done her bidding.

Meantime – the Delta Smelt still gets precedence over the farmers of the Central Valley.

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