Jul 092010

Hearing Barbara Boxer discuss the plight of small businesses is absurd.

Having VP Joe Biden here in California p… er stumping for Barbara Boxer is indicative that they know The Graf Boxer is on the tracks.

But – it is the typical crap you hear from politicians trying to get re-elected. In her 28 years…

28 years ago, I was in Elementary School – today I am a Middle-Aged man… that’s how long Boxer has infested office.

… Boxer and Biden have been a sworn enemy of business.

Boxer has voted against every tax cut ever proposed. She voted against Reagan’s budgets all the way on through. If you read the banner on the Graf Zepplin – it would try to tell you otherwise.

She dutifully voted for the then largest tax increase in U.S. history in 1993 – as did then Senator Joe Biden.


Everyone knows that she voted for the Health Care reform bill – the bill that gives the President a 6,000 person “Army”, and the ability to take National Guard Troops away from Governors against their will in peacetime.

What does that have to do with Small Business or Healthcare?

Oh, wait – there is the “White Person Tax”, you know, the 10% excise tax on tanning beds? Who uses tanning beds – at least 90% of the customers are white.

What does that have to do with small business? – screwing tanning salons and health clubs.

Insurance mandates – deterring employers from hiring people because another cost was just added.

Tax increases – and lots of them were heaped on Business owners.

Joe Biden? 25% job approval rating – but since when does the current administration listen to anyone?

The Graf Boxer and VP Foot-Eater Biden continue to tout the economic “stimulus”:

Take a look at this snippet:

Economist: “The Private Sector Is Completely Flat.” “Though [California] added 28,300 jobs to payrolls in May, economists say the types of jobs added indicate that the state’s economy still faces big problems ahead. The state experienced losses in construction, trade and the traditionally strong education and health services sector. Those losses were offset by 30,000 federal government positions that were mostly census jobs. ‘It’s all census, even more so than last month,’ said Jeff Michael, director of the Business Forecasting Center at the University of the Pacific in Stockton. ‘The private sector is completely flat.’” (Alana Semuels, “California unemployment report fosters doubts on recovery,” Los Angeles Times, 6/18/10)

Boxer’s approval rating in California is in the low 40’s.

She’s on the tracks and the Carly train is coming.

P.S. Don’t Call Barbara Boxer Ma’am.

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