Jul 072010

That’s 12.7% unemployment – which we all know is low, since the official Obama/Boxer number conveniently omits those who have given up their job search and those who are underemployed.

Even using their own artificially low numbers – since the passage of the “Stimulus”, unemployment has gone from 10.2% to 12.4%.

We spent ourselves in to oblivion – 3 trillion dollars worth and counting – to get worse.

And like a cult member, Barbara Boxer clings to her Golbal Warming and Economic Stimulus.

2.27 Million Californians unemployed – that are actually looking for work

21.7% Underemployment Rate

11 of the 13 worst Metro Areas for unemployment in the Country.

All this and Boxer’s remarkable leadership sees California get 79 cents on the federal tax dollar back.

Construction Projects Like The Presidio Parkway Provide The Backdrops For Political Press Conferences But Haven’t Necessarily Helped The Unemployment Picture. “Highway projects have been the public face of the president’s recovery efforts, providing the backdrop for news conferences with workers who owe their paychecks to the stimulus. But those anecdotes have not added up to a national trend and have not markedly improved the country’s broad employment picture.” (Matt Apuzzo and Brett J. Blackledge, “AP: Road Projects Don’t Help Unemployment,” The Associated Press via The Daily Breeze, 1/11/10)

AP Analysis: “A Surge In Spending On Roads And Bridges Has Had No Effect On Local Unemployment…” “Ten months into President Barack Obama’s first economic stimulus plan, a surge in spending on roads and bridges has had no effect on local unemployment and only barely helped the beleaguered construction industry, an Associated Press analysis has found.” (Matt Apuzzo and Brett J. Blackledge, “AP: Road Projects Don’t Help Unemployment,” The Associated Press via The Daily Breeze, 1/11/10)

Maybe Barbara Boxer will visit El Centro (if she can find it on a map – she is so rarely out of the areas where her donors are) and offer some stimulus-aided comfort to a city with a staggering 27.3% unemployment rate.

Or will she visit the southern Central Valley with areas even worse off than El Centro?

Or – perhaps she is afraid people in the Southern Central Valley will throw rubber worms at her in protest?

If Boxer decides to hold court in Sacramento – she will be within sight of Yuba City – home of the 3rd largest rate of increase in unemployment in the nation… a city that now sits at 19.3%. (having been through there recently, all kinds of businesses are closed)

And, Boxer said we’d got 400,000 jobs out of this? (That was even after her buddies in the eco-movement sued to shut the water off to the Southern Central Valley)

P.S. Don’t call Barbara Boxer Ma’am, either.

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