Jul 072010

And this from the LA Times of all places

Remember – Barbara Boxer left 20% of the Democrat Vote on the Table in the Primary against two unfunded opponents (one of whom is nuts).

Boxer knows it, too… remember her nearly desperate pleas to her base to be as motivated as the Tea Party?

Worse – Barbara Boxer is actually in California… (First time in years she’s come here for anything other than a fundraiser) Now the LA Times acts like a pall-bearer to the invetable…

Of those Independent Voters – the times wrote: Only 38% now support him (Obama), an 18-point drop from 52 weeks ago, when polls first began showing the nation’s rapidly-growing population of independent voters peeling off…

Now for the good news:

support for the Democrat has fallen 9 points among Democrats (from 90% to 81%) and 8 points among Republicans (from 20% to 12%)

Now that 20% number is showing up nationally? Barbara Boxer is a 100% partisan liberal like Obama. Once her behavior is manifest in the voter’s minds (see also psychotic rampage to get Cap and Trade passed)… those rascally independent voters are going to light her on fire.

Since we are OD’ing on polling data – here’s some more for you:

Only 26% have a favorable view of Vice President Joe Biden’s job performance, while nearly half (45%) have a negative view of his job.

Only one-in-five approve of the job done by California’s own Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while nearly half (49%) give her negative reviews.

Boxer = Pelosi.

The public is happy with neither political party in Congress, with 54% disapproving of the majority Democrats’ job performance and 52% dissatisfied with the minority Republicans’ work.

Note to Kevin McCarthy and John Boehner – grow a spine and start supporting Republicans for Congress. Grow a spine and start lighting the Democrats up instead of acting like you need approval to have an opinion!

You’ll never guess which female secretary of State gets the best reviews in the Obama Cabinet. Hillary Clinton’s job performance draws positive ratings from 45% of those surveyed, while 35% give her a negative job evaluation.

If Hillary Clintion thinks a sub-50 approval rating is a mandate to run for President in 2012, she needs to be locked in the same rehab center that Boxer needs to go to.

Meanwhile – if you call Barbara Boxer Ma’am, the consequences will be severe.

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