Jul 132010

I am sure this will make the Kool-Aid left toss their cookies.

Real Clear Politics – recognized by both sides as being pretty accurate with their race ratings… has moved Lt. Col Boxer to the Toss Up Column.

Politico’s article said that Carly has Boxer on the ropes.

I predict that Boxer is going to have to start burning her money very soon…

What exactly did Politico’s article have to say?

Boxer campaign manager Rose Kapolczynski pointed to the Field result in a fundraising appeal over the weekend, calling the race a virtual tie – “Dead heat. Tossup. Neck and neck.

“If anyone was taking our victory for granted — well, this news should be a wake-up call. We don’t have a vote or a moment to spare,” Kapolcynski wrote. “I’m going to tell it to you straight: we’re under 50 percent of the vote and our opponent is at our heels.”

(Blogger’s note – Translation, we are going to have to shred Carly if we are going to have a chance.)

Fiorina has consistently placed within a few points of Boxer since winning the Republican Senate nomination by 34 points on June 8. The day after the primary, a Rasmussen poll showed Fiorina down five. Later that month, an Ipsos survey for Reuters placed her four points back.

That makes Boxer’s campaign among the most competitive races that’s consistently polled – a category that also includes tossup contests in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Let’s see – Goes from Down 5 to up two in 6 weeks? By election day, Boxer will be down 35. Works for me.

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