Jul 042010

Let’s not forget that the largest tax increase in American History is coming 1/1/2011 – the Bush Tax Cuts will sunset. This massive tax increase will cause the double dip recession – if the economy hasn’t double-dipped before then.

Boxer in her obsessive rampage wants to force another tax increase of almost the same magnitude – called Cap and Trade – on America and she is doing that by using esoteric rules that have never been used before.

I thought with a 59-41 Majority in the Senate that the Dems could get their agenda through easily? Maybe their lack of leadership is so profund that they have to excercise deceit?

Dianne Feinstein: “The Climate Bill Isn’t Going To Stop The Oil Leak.” “The BP Plc oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is unlikely to create enough momentum to pass a comprehensive climate bill sought by President Barack Obama, say leading Senate Democrats. Many Democrats don’t want to vote in this election year on whether to cap the greenhouse-gas emissions linked to climate change, saying they prefer to work in the coming months on legislation directly responding to the spill. ‘The climate bill isn’t going to stop the oil leak,’ said Senator Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat. ‘The first thing you have to do is stop the oil leak.’” (Lisa Lerer and Simon Lomax, “Democrats Say Climate Bill Lacks Momentum After Spill,” Bloomberg, 6/16/10)

So much for exploiting a crisis… maybe this is why Boxer stonewalled and Obama waited 2 1/2 months before allowing help to come in to the gulf?

Boxer Uses Arcane Senate Rule To Bypass Legitimate Debate On Climate Bill.Boxer relied on a little-used loophole in committee rules to force the bill through without any Republicans present. The maneuver prohibited both parties from amending the legislation, a step some Democratic aides say undercut any bipartisan progress that could have been made.” (Politico, November 6, 2009)

That is Barbara Boxer’s leadership in a nutshell.

Boxer’s Stunt Upsets Senators On Both Sides Of The Aisle. “Several moderate Republicans, including Maine’s Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, rallied to the side of the EPW Committee’s minority this week and urged Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) not to hold a vote on the bill without first getting more EPA data. ‘I think it has left clearly a very bitter taste in many members’ mouths about how we’re part of a process on a very important issue,’ Murkowski, the ranking member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said yesterday. ‘This may stall things out for a period of time.’” (The New York Times, November 6, 2009)

Boxer’s Colleagues Jump Ship, Look For New Leadership. “While Sen. Barbara Boxer was celebrating her committee’s passage of a sweeping climate change bill Thursday, other Democrats and Republicans were already looking for a Plan B.” (Politico, November 6, 2009)

The rats are scurrying off the deck of the HindenBoxer…

Oh, and thou shalt not call Boxer Ma’am

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