Jun 062010

Quoting the moonbats at the Liberal OC:

HT to our friends at the Huffington Post but State Rep. Chuck DeVore has already lost his first battle of the month and its not even primary day.  DeVore lost a lawsuit for his campaign’s parodies of Don Henley songs to attack Senator Barbara Boxer.  Chuck’s claim to fame here – he’s the first political to lose a lawsuit over a song parody.  So much for that copy of the pocket Constitution.  Perhaps an expanded edition dealing with First Amendment law will fit on Chuck’s iPad.

Chuck DeVore is a trailblazer. I was wondering if he was a Victim of Love or just stuck in the Hotel California.

Either way 14%/16%/19% is simply going to lead to some Heartache Tonight.

While DeVore rightly rails on David Geffen and rightly fights back against this ruling – it looks like the Last Worthless Evening will be June 8th.

The Primary Election is in two days.

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