Jun 152010

No Wonder why Barbara Boxer has a 100% lifetime rating from the ACLU?

If Boxer had her way – law enforcement would be hamstrung in their efforts to protect our secruity.

Boxer Supports More Rights for Terrorist Detainees

Boxer Voted To “Strike Provisions In The [Military Commissions Act Of 2006] That Would Limit The Rights Of Detainees To Challenge Their Detention In U.S. Courts.” (S. 3930, CQ Vote #255: Rejected 48-51: R 4-50; D 43-1; I 1-0, 9/28/06, Boxer Voted Yea)
Boxer Voted Against The 2006 Military Commissions Act, Which Allowed The Government To Proceed With The Prosecution Of High-Level Detainees. (S. 3930, CQ Vote #259: Passed 65-34: R 53-1; D 12-32; I 0-1, 9/28/06, Boxer and Feinstein Voted Nay)
·       “The Bill Would Set Up Rules For The Military Commissions That Will Allow The Government To Proceed With The Prosecutions Of High-Level Detainees Including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Considered The Mastermind Of The Sept. 11, 2001, Attacks.” (Kate Zernike, “Senate Approves Broad New Rules To Try Detainees,” The New York Times, 9/29/06) Of course – Boxer voted Nay.

Boxer Supported Legislation To “Grant Detainees And Enemy Combatants The Right To Petition For Habeas Corpus In The U.S. Circuit Court Of Appeals For The District Of Columbia, Provided A Review Tribunal Has Been Conducted.” (S. 1042, CQ Vote #324: Rejected 44-54: R 4-50; D 39-4; I 1-0, 11/15/05, Boxer and Feinstein Voted Yea)

I’ve got an idea – let’s have Barbara Boxer and her husband have dinner with any two “detainees” from GitMo at their palatial estate. Then we could place bets nationally as to how long they survive the experience.

Whose team is Boxer on anyway?

P.S. Click here to watch Barbara Boxer berate a Brigadir General – fortunately for California, we won’t have to call her Senator much longer, either.

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