Jun 102010

Queen Barbara is mixing the Kool-Aid. Lt. Col Boxer is pictured here in her full military dress… funded with some of the money she voted against for our troops.

I wonder if the terrorists will take a second look before they blow her up (along with the rest of us) but I digress…

Quoting an LA Times article today:

Indeed, Boxer already has made a pitch for the moderate Republican voters who backed the second-place GOP finisher, Tom Campbell, whose positions on many social issues are nearer Boxer’s than Fiorina’s.
Lt. Col. Boxer has made a pitch – wide left.

‘”Campbell voters, come home to me,” she said Wednesday. “A lot of those voters, I hope will come home to me — the moderate Republicans.’”

Moderates don’t think its’ cool to support wide-open borders and a record on military issues that rivals the traitor John Kerry.

But, I digress.

A recent Rasmussen Poll (which was accurate this year) says that 90% of Republicans plan on voting for Fiorina. 90% after two days!!! (Got that, Information Minister?)

Lest we forget – Boxer left 20% of her own party on the table in a low, low, low turnout election. This means there were a lot of disillusioned Democrat voters out there that stayed home and 1/5 of them threw their vote to also-rans.

Voters are angry and are irrational about it – they have elected flaming liberals in place of Republican incumbents (in my home county) and this flaming liberal is IN office right now.

If that pattern holds, It sucks to be Barbara Boxer.

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