Jun 122010

I think the MSM is getting tired of Obama. CNN of all places lit Barack Obama and Barbara Boxer on fire – why?

Instead of attending the memorial service for the 11 who died in the BP oil platform explosion – on May 25th Obama was en route to California to a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer.

Nice, huh?

Here’s the irony – Boxer is head of the senate committee with oversight of Oil Companies.

Linked here is a resource for some comments about Barbara Boxer – but more importantly, Comments from Barbara Boxer.

I wonder how it makes the families of those Oil Workers feel that Obama dissed them to raise money for Barbara Boxer – whose committee was in bad with those it was supposed to be holding accountable?

Barbara Boxer is going to face accountability like she never has before in her 28 year career in politics.

P.S. Click here to watch Barbara Boxer berate a Brigadir General – fortunately for California, we won’t have to call her Senator much longer, either.

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