May 052010

As I write this – Chuck DeVore is spending his meager campaign resources attacking Carly Fiorina for perceived offenses related to the AZ immigration law.

Chuck DeVore must certainly be trying to help Tom Campbell win – because even he must be acknowledging that he can not win at this stage – but I digress…

Don’t take my word for it – have a look at this:

The article is written by the SF Chron and the Chron shows their usual bias against the Tea party…

They report that the Tea Party gave the loser in Indiana $200K – (the winner in Indiana is also a Conservative and is no RINO.)

They also report that the Tea party has only given Incumbent Assembly Politician Chuck DeVore $10,500.

Given polling triends – DeVore’s reliance on the Tea Party may actually assist Carly Fiorina’s campaign – despite his single-minded attempt to attack her and help Campbell win.

You have the same dynamic in California – with a key twist.

The Conservative “Establishment” candidate in Indiana truly had the establishment behind him. He Won, easily.

That loser Mark Kirk – a true RINO in the Tom Campbell mode won in Illinois with the Establishment Behind him.

Scott Brown – a liberal Republican (be honest, folks) won in Massachusetts because of Obama and Healthcare. Election held today? He loses.

Carly was set on fire by the Whitman-Schwarzenfailure team with their wrangling to get Campbell in the Senate Race. The establishment does not want Carly to be the nominee.

As a result, any of DeVore’s appeals that he is the anti-establishment candidate are going to be limited in their effectiveness.

The other problem for Chuck DeVore – with the Establishment behind Tom Campbell – it shows the voters that Carly is the Conservative… further marginalizing Chuck DeVore.

Given the fact that Steve Poizner is now within 10 of her Megness – the Establishment Plan for California could well be on the way to ruin.

Finally – as I have written a few times before – Chuck DeVore is far more establishment than Carly Fiorina will ever be. Look in to his behavior as an Incumbent Assembly Politician for proof.


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