May 242010

It continues. As Chuck DeVore wrestles with the tar baby, other blogs are picking it up.

Today’s installment features an official-looking Sarah Palin aligned blog starting a series on Chuck DeVore as to why Sarah Palin endorsed Carly.

We’ve all seen it. I have experienced the self-righteous anger from some that I could support Carly over Chuck.

It is simple folks: Quoting the Palin Twibe Blog – (Related to DeVore attempting to take credit for the Arrow Missile System)

This is an example of dishonesty from Chuck DeVore. We all make mistakes but to take credit for something that massive… Well, that could only come from someone with an ego on the same scale.

As a harbinger of things to come – I lifted this paragraph out as well:

There are yet more accusations disclosed in the L.A. Times article that have not been dealt with by the DeVore campaign at all. These are the items I chose to discuss because they haven’t been talked about in the media or the blogoshere. There are serious charges made that would easily negate an endorsement from an anti-corruption hawk and proponent of honest government like Sarah Palin.

The Palin Twibe missed my post from Friday about Chuck DeVore’s whopper trifecta.

This is the first chance many have had to see the man behind the constitution – even though he may not realize that Amendment one does not protect dishonesty.

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