Apr 182010

100% Consultant Free, I might add.

Given the lack of local media coverage on this guy – he must be hitting the target and hitting very close to home.

BTW – Stryk is to speak to the NAPA GOP on May 18th. Click here for details of Robert Stryk’s meeting with the Napa GOP.


It details his work on clean energy.

It details his work on missile defense.

It shows his nomination to DTAG – a prestigious Defense related group in Washington D.C.

Most importantly – it shows has plan in bold, clear type of what he wants to bring to Yountville.

That should scare Mike Thompson and his hired PI’s more than anything.

The site is simple and straightforward. It matches Robert to a tee, if you read his Bio and story on the site – you’ll realize the real reason why he scares the establishment. He owes no one a thing and is self-made.

The ideal person to be in politics.

Now that is more than Pelosi and Thompson can handle.

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