Apr 212010

Assemblyman Dan Logue brought out a novel idea – suspend AB32 until California’s unemployment goes below 5.5%. AB32 is cap and trade on acid. You’d think that every Republican and a lot of Democrats would find that a reasonable solution with the state on the brink of fiscal collapse and unemployment approaching 21% combined.

Then there is Tom Campbell.

“Republican” Tom Campbell is getting beaten like a drum these days. He has supported a rash of tax increases over the years – including an obsession with raising Gas Taxes time and again.

When Tom Campbell wasn’t dreaming about taxing the internet or adding a value-added tax to our lives…

He was teaming up with Arnold to help feather a political legacy.

You see – Tom Campbell was the architect of two of the biggest expansion of spending in State history in 2005, later he applauded the signing of AB32.

AB32 is being used to determine what kind of TV’s we can buy and I recently had a friend tell me that he had to dirty the air for 300 miles of driving to go to Nevada to get the riding lawnmower he wanted. Why? The one he wanted was banned by the California Air Resources Board.

This is America! They have more freedom in France, for Pete’s sake (and loads of clean, nuclear power)!

Despite his current position on balancing regulations against job creation, Campbell has supported significant environmental regulations that critics claim will foist unnecessary costs on employers. In particular, Campbell has commented favorably about AB 32 and, while in Congress, voted for the Clean Air Act.

If you are inclined to make it [AB 32] work, you can make it work without hurting the economy,” said candidate Tom Campbell, a former dean of the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley.

Let me translate this: “If you can ban TV’s and Lawnmowers and control people’s lives in a manner that does not hurt the economy – then we can make it work.”

Campbell, a former member of Congress, touts lowering business taxes and then imposing a carbon fee to encourage industry to slow its use of fossil fuels. The result would be less reliance on foreign oil, fewer greenhouse gas emissions and a neutral tax structure that would benefit the economy and environment, he said.

(the comments were excerpted from the San Diego Union-Tribune, October 5, 2009)

Tom Campbell is not a Republican – he doesn’t even think close to like one.

Campbell participated in a national Kool-Aid drink relating to clean air. The forefather of the onerous environmental legislation was brought to us under the George H.W. Bush administration:

Clean Air Act (HR 3030) – Sets air quality standards, mandates reduction in vehicle emissions, and establishes system of federal permits and enforcement standards. Y 401-21 Passed 5/23/90

With Republicans like this – who needs Democrats!

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