Dec 172009

So LaMalfa invested in a headquarters in Lincoln. He also has amassed largely the same endorsement list as Doug Ose before him.

Remember how LaMalfa steadfastly supported Ose, appearing in his ads.

However, the strategy of David Reade – employed so effectively in the past with Dan Osterander (Former Butte Dem Chairman who re-registered to run for assembly), Dick Dickerson (One of the original budget sell-outs) and Sue Horne – is going back to the well again.

The David Reade formula: Go get 2/3 or more of the local electeds to endorse your candidate and hope that substitutes for grassroots activity.

Funny how the candidates that work end up winning – endorsement lists do not a candidate make.

Meantime – it looks like Doug LaMalfa is unraveling himself. Is David Reade going to dip in to LaMalfa’s checkbook – or is Reade going to cut bait for his gig with Whitman?

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