Feb 212010

Recently, the Flashreport lit up Robert Stryk who is running for Mayor of Yountville. Yountville… say it rapidly, then look for it on a map.

Think Napa County – where all the wine is. Jon Fleischman writes that his second passion in life after politics is Wine, therefore, he is interested in Yountville.

Robert Stryk is a newcomer to elections – but is registered as a lobbyist in Washington D.C. He is a legal arms dealer and has to deal with members of Congress frequently. Stryk worked for J.D. Hayworth and Jim Colby – both former Republican Congressmen from Arizona.

Recently, Conservative ICON Lynn Westmoreland nominated Stryk for an appointment to DETAG. DETAG is one of those alphabet-soup committees in D.C. that deals with National Security issues.

As a result of the fraudulent transparency rules of Obama, everyone that talks to Congressman about “business” has to register as a lobbyist. This is an easy shot to take until you look further-

In his hit piece against Robert Stryk – he features information about a lawsuit ten years ago between Stryk and John Greene a former business partner.

Greene is a former Senate Leader in Arizona, who settled the Lawsuit and remains a mentor and close friend to this day of Mr. Stryk – yet Fleischman fails to mention this even though 2/3 of his post about Stryk focuses on the lawsuit.

Stryk is 34 and looking to settle down – this is what he told me when I spoke to him. Fair enough. He wants to run for Mayor of Yountville because he sees some issues.

Why does a town of 3,000 have 30 public employees? Why are a significant number of those employees related to members of the city council? Why is there an 11-member parks and recreation department staff?

Why does a town of 3,000 see fit to drop $52 million on a visitor center?

Why is the vice-mayor (Stryk’s Opponent) getting a pass for being a “Republican” who is a Mike Thompson Donor and Mike Thompson Endorser?

Obviously, someone other than Jon Fleischman is concerned about Mr. Stryk. Mike Thompson’s Pac hired a Private Investigator to dig into Robert Stryk. Jon stopped at using Lexus Nexus – but Stryk’s opponents, all of them liberals and Democrats… are pulling out all the stops.

Adding to the absurdity – the local “paper” that is attacking Robert Stryk is on the Secretary of State’s list of suspended Corporations. (For failure to pay taxes?) The Paper calls itself the Yountville Sun.

Yountville has issues – I am thinking that this “lobbyist” just might be the enema the good ‘ol Boy’s network in Yountville needs.

Man, I’m glad I don’t drink – I drive right through that area on my way to the coast…