Jul 152017

As Thomas N Hudson’s life continues to spiral apart, his behavior is getting quite a bit more erratic. His rage and anger outbursts are already stuff of legend and are sometimes down right comical when coupled with his 5′-4.5″ 300 pound frame.

Lately, as he has been dragging his divorce proceeding in to its’ third year, the Board of Equalization just got gutted by the State Legislature over its’ rampant corruption. This means Mr. Hudson will likely find himself having to apply and interview for another government job at a lower salary.

Perhaps this contributed to his immature and boorish behavior on Wednesday Night where he single-handedly needed to extend a Placer GOP Meeting another 90 minutes. Despite being told that the County Facility was to be vacate by 9pm, Hudson held everyone hostage until 9:55PM.

At issue was an endorsement of the Neighborhood Legislature Initiative. Let’s have some more background so the readers of this blog get a more rounded picture of this situation.

At the recent CRA Convention, Mr. Hudson was leveraging the CRA and one such leverage play was related to the John Cox for Governor Campaign / Neighborhood Legislature Initiative.

Mr. Cox was set to be the dinner speaker at the CRA Convention until about 9 days out when Mr. Cox was supplanted by the deranged Tim Donnelly. The culprit behind the schedule change was none other than the CRA’s Pol-Pot bellied information minister.

Upon hearing he had been jilted by Tim Donnelly’s book tour, Mr. Cox cancelled. Mr. Hudson then made sure the Neighborhood Legislature was deferred to a later CRA Convention for consideration, again filibustering and using his knowledge of Robert’s Rules to control an outcome.

Yours truly called Mr. Hudson on his duplicity, soliciting donations from a Man he was trying to screw.

It is my opinion that the exposure of this is what was driving Hudson’s near psychotic anger on Wednesday night.

There is another piece of background. I’ve written a lot about the effort in 2012 to unseat the Conservatives with people “Republican Leadership” wanted on the Central Committee. Hudson was one targeted, but is now aligned with the Tea Partiers that once wanted to throw him in jail for money laundering. (Remember FBI day and the front page Bee Story quoting Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines accusing Tom Hudson of Felony Money Laundering?)

After that effort paid off in giving the “establishment” control of the Central Committee, Mr. Hudson, being the chameleon he is started aligning himself with some of the very people who believed he was stealing money from the Placer GOP via his Headquarters Partnership and other entities he creates to absorb taxes. (Hudson is a tax attorney by trade)

As part of an effort by the local partisan electeds to try to bring unity to the Committee in 2013, Tom McClintock’s Chief of Staff, Igor Birman wrote the current by-laws of the Placer GOP. Hudson lies when he claims that the by laws of 2017 have been the same for years, they have not. This is key. (BTW – Mr. Hudson has 100% command of the details at all times, when he says something inaccurate, it is deliberate. Remember, he is a lawyer and I have known him for 18 years)

Why is it key, it says 2/3 of the committee for an endorsement. It does not say 2/3 of those present. This means that in order to amend the by-laws, one will need 28 votes in order to do so. In order to endorse, one would need 28 votes.

This means that Mr. Hudson’s theatrics and attempts to confuse people with parliamentary tricks  on Wednesday, It is safe to say that the exposure of his duplicity is as much a factor in his efforts to strong-arm an endorsement of Mr. Cox’ initiative than anything else. The vote was 23-11, 5 votes short of the threshold. A subsequent motion made by Tom in an attempt to circumvent the by-laws failed 21-13 (it was a motion to “recognize” the endorsement).

All that said, if this is how Mr. Hudson supports a candidate or cause, I would pay him to oppose a candidate.

The Sad, Shrinking World of the CRA. Driving to Nashville to do What?

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Aug 232015

Update: Alice Khosravy did not make it to the NFRA Convention. It appears that she cut an ran again due to the exposure.

The National Federation of Republican Assemblies Convention is this weekend in Nashville.

It is their Presidential Preference Convention. Thomas N Hudson has taken a break from his self-righteous rampages to win at all costs against his wife and the local charities that got money from the Placer RA to go to Nashville.

In 2102, the NFRA endorsed Rick Sanatarium. In 2015, the liberal fraud known as Donald Trump will be there as will Sanitarium. I am not sure which other candidates will waste their time on the NFRA, but I know a few in the CRA will!

Recently, Thomas N Hudson started taking measures to try to shore up his tenuous grip on the CRA – including getting Bill Cardoza appointed as NFRA Parlimentarian.

Cardoza is famous for using religious manipulation in order to deceive people in to thinking he is something he is not. In reality, Cardoza is another lazy, ineffective pseudo-conservative who helped ruin the CRP and the CRA due to inaction. In the 17 years I served with Cardoza in the CRA, he never chartered a single unit. Ever. In fact, the Sacramento RA has struggled to stay in existence for the last 4 years.

Recently, Cardoza was involved on the public attack against the Sutter-Yuba Republican Assembly as he was present at their meeting with the Bathroom Boy membership secretary. It was either he or Carl Brickey – or both – that sent the information used by the Bathroom Boy blogger to attack the chairman of the GOP Jim Brulte as well as the SYRA.

IMO Hudson got Cardoza appointed the NFRA parlimentarian for one reason. The NFRA is investigating the CRA over its’ rampant fraud. 

It gets better, the CRA’s black widow – who has been outed as a main source of the fraud – Alice Khosravy is also going to Nashville. Alice and Wendy Albright went to the NFRA in 2011 and have not been back, both told George and I how useless that organization is.

I guess Alice has been forced out of the shadows to do her own clean up and dirty work. Others within CRA have attempted to help cover this up, but fortunately, due to this blog that no one reads… the fraud that is the CRA is well-known within political circles. Despite how really right the bathroom boys are, people seem to believe this blog…

With Cardoza as parlimentarian, you’d think Hudson is counting on him attempting to muck up the process of the investigation in to the CRA’s fraud. At the very least, Cardoza will leak the info that the fraud committee is communicating to Tom. These are the things you have to do to be right.

And to think – all this fighting to control a group that is down to less than 1000 legitimate members (even though I am sure they will report back some 1200-1300).

There is a price to being right. I am sure that Tom Hudson is thinking about how wrong everyone else is but him while on the road to Nashville – what a sad, shrinking world.

Aug 212015

Ok – it’s Friday and the news cycle gets bizarre…

A few days ago I heard that Ed Rowen was telling people that Thomas N Hudson said that the Placer County Republican Assembly had successfully recovered all the “embezzled” money that was given to the local charities. Rowen specifically said that Lighthouse Family Counseling had pledged to return their check and that they had gotten the money back from Courage Worldwide according to Tom.

This is about is felony stupid as Donald Trump attacking brown people as a campaign platform. If the local media found out that a Republican group was lawyering local charities in order to be right, what kind of story would that be?

Remember that caper? Thomas N Hudson was embarrassed that the Placer CRA shut itself down and emptied its’ bank accounts. Then, to be right – he interpreted the state by-laws the way he needed them to be, appointed 15 people to the State CRA Board (to make sure he got the vote he wanted to deny the surrender of the local charter) and then started telling the world (his microscopic sphere of influence) that Kirk Uhler and others had embezzled money.

Tom Hudson was wrong. (Neither Courage nor Lighthouse returned their donations, nor will they) It appears that being wrong is common for a government lawyer (who in this case, makes 119K a year). Tom Hudson should have taken a break from playing paperwork games with his divorce and covered the $4250 that was given to the three charities himself.

There is a price to being right. Tom Hudson made sure that the charities got legal demand letters from his right-hand man Craig Alexander. Now, Craig will tell you that this was not a legal demand letter because there are nuanced differences. Tell that to a layperson. But, hey Craig is right – he’s a lawyer like Tom Hudson.

Which gets us back to Ed Rowen. He voted to send that money out. Now he is saying it was stolen. What did Ed Rowen do? Did he steal something none of us know about? Did Ed Rowen throw Tom Hudson under the bus, claiming it was he who went after the charities?

It was Joe Dorr who called and threatened Courage Worldwide. It is Craig Alexander whose legal stationery that the “demand” letters are on. But, here is Ed Rowen fingering Tom Hudson as the mastermind.

Tom Hudson melted down at the August Placer County GOP Central Committee Meeting. He publicly accused Tracy Mendonsa of embezzlement at the meeting, then threatened him in writing later that night. (ostensibly after a few belts)

It seems that Tom and Ed have taken turns throwing each other under the bus, almost like they were separated at birth or something.

Ed did tell me one time that the only way to get Tom Hudson to do the right thing was to lie to him. I guess I should have told Tom Hudson he was right more often…

CRA Update: The Sad, Shrinking World of Tom Hudson

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Aug 152015

In many ways, Tom Hudson’s world is shrinking. Once such way is the CRA – which continues to hemorrhage members.

Mr. Hudson did indeed respond to my inquiry a second time:

You and I both know that Bill Tolson has never sought my approval for anything that he has ever written.  We both know that if I had approved his blog, it would look very different.  I don’t think I have even communicated with Bill about his blog since April, but Bill can correct the record if I have forgotten something.
Since you claim to be a Christian, I should remind you that telling lies is morally wrong and you should refrain from doing it.  It can also be illegal in many situations.  You may feel clever telling people that I have approved of Bill Tolson’s blog, but the momentary pleasure you may feel by telling such lies is off-set by more serious consequences down the road.
Take a few moments and think about the way you are treating people.
No need to reply, especially since I have not yet read your initial note.
I am wondering if the Bus that ran through Eastern Elk Grove was a Blue Bird or an International. I prefer International Buses as they have much more reliable transmissions. If you see Mr. Tolson – ask him what the number of the Bus Hudson sent for him was.
I am pretty sure Tom did indeed read the email – in the 18 years I have known him, he has only invoked religious manipulation when nailed to the wall. I would remind Tom about the laundry list of things, but as a Narcissist bordering on being a Sociopath (my diagnosis based on nearly 13 years in addiction recovery) – he is incapable of grasping his own defects of character. This is a common ailment amongst political types and the proliferation of them in CRA leadership has mortally wounded CRA.
It is clear to me that Mr. Hudson is making no effort to control the pack of rabid dogs that suffice as leadership for the current CRA and may well be complicit in their behavior. That is certainly bad for business, however.
What a small world it is indeed.

CRA Update: Tom Hudson Basically Admits He Approves of the Board’s Behavior

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Aug 152015

Park Deraingemnt Syndrome. We’ve written about it.

Recently, the bathroom boy blogger and one other CRA board member have been publicly repeating erroneous information (vis a vis a lie) in attempts to further the psychotic behavior of the CRA’s board.

I decided to go to Tom directly to see if we could put and end to it. His response was:

I don’t have time to read this long note right now.  I am heading out of town.  Thanks for understanding.
If you are writing about Bill Tolson’s blog, which I am not in the habit of reading, then I would encourage you to speak to him directly.  I have copied him on this note so that you will have his e-mail address.
Best regards,
The problem for Tom is that I have other emails from him where he references the bathroom boy blogger’s blog. Tom Hudson, according to people who know him well is not leaving town until next weekend – so when is he actually leaving?
You can read the email I sent him below – basically, they used a copy of the Sutter-Yuba RA’s minutes to attack the SYRA. Secondly, the rumors about the CRA being for sale are starting to grow. I have been receiving phone calls about it and when I have concrete evidence to prove what I believe to be true, I will post it.
Gentlemen – 
As you recall, one of the many legal demand/threat/request/otherwise letters you sent – specifically to me – cited the personal property of CRA and thus was the basis for demanding that I discontinue posting new information from the CRA’s records.
It appears that one or more of your board members are doing just that. You may need to talk to them in order to safeguard the CRA from further data breaches. 
In particular – I am referencing the Sutter-Yuba Republican Assembly and references to their minutes on the newly appointed CRA Board Member Bill Tolson’s Blog. (I do believe he was one of the 15 people appointed to the CRA’s board before the vote to expel us for amongst other issues alleged data breeches?)
The Sutter-Yuba RA is still a CRA unit, and they are probably not happy about the misuse of their records that they gave the new Membership Secretary and their new Vice President. I am sure that you did not authorize this misuse of the SYRA’s records – especially since you were both very strident in the post expulsion legal threat/demand/request/otherwise letters you sent us.
If you are interested in building the CRA – it may not be a very smart idea to lie about a couple of people you don’t like for things they did not do.
Embezzlement is one of those words that is like a political tar baby and once vetted can end up devastating the accuser if never proven. If the CRA’s entire board are spreading a lie that is easy to prove as such – the conscience of the Republican Party will in essence commit suicide.
Are George and I really worth it? Suicide is bad for business.
You may want to counsel Baron Night and Bill Tolson that the Placer CRA never had $24k in the bank account at any time in their history as they are out there alleging that sort of embezzlement. Perhaps they are following your lead, Tom since you were the first to use that word in the public domain and emails.
You have received copies of the treasurer’s reports and may have some bank records in addition, therefore you know the truth about the Placer RA’s bank balances. We also answered questions about a couple of side items. I had no access to any of the money – I just raised $24k for the CRA, which may be where the latest hallucination came from.
Mr. Tolson proceeds to make other charges in his blog that suggest he may well need some sort of therapy to deal with the deep emotions he is feeling inside. I will certainly be praying for him.
You, Mr. Tolson and the others on the board are well within your rights to hate me for my psychoanalysis, especially if you disagree with it. I have been in addiction recovery for nearly 13 years and have seen some pretty striking patterns that are easy to recognize. It is possible that I may have mislabeled a few of the CRA’s board members as sociopaths when being a mere narcissist may have been more appropriate diagnosis for example.
You, Mr. Tolson and the others on the board are also well within your rights to hate George and I for highlighting the membership fraud that is rampant within the CRA. Just like amnesty failed for Ronald Reagan, the CRA’s amnesty program will have similar conscience destroying-results.
We used to be friends and we fought many battles on the same side. If you truly care about the CRA – you need to deal with the out of control behavior of your board. I am getting calls almost daily from all over the state. I know it is hard to believe I have that many friends, but that is where the $24k I raised for the CRA came from. I am doing nothing but taking calls at this point.
Let me contrast something – I received one call that was particularly disturbing. It appears that the notion that there is a toll booth set up for a CRA endorsement has re-emerged. The idea I blogged as an opinion and stated as such is apparently not just my opinion. 
I have not blogged about this recent phone call yet, because I am waiting for real proof related to what I was called about before going public with it. I wanted you to understand that I am not asking you to do anything I have not been doing myself – I write what I believe based on evidence and experience. When I write a specific charge, I have evidence to back it up. In Mr. Tolson’s case, he only has the SYRA’s meeting minutes – but no proof related to his and Baron Night’s charges of embezzlement.
I’d rather have friends than be right all the time. I’d strongly urge you guys to get your board members under control and to try to get them to understand the concept of friends — versus their current behavior as it will only hasten the suicide of the CRA and then its’ value commercial and otherwise will be gone forever.
The CRA was once called the Conscience of the Republican Party. It is not anymore. That is the legacy of Tom Hudson, Carl Brickey, Tim Thiesen, Alice Khosravy, Wendy Albright and the others that are on the CRA’s Board.