Sep 172020

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That’s right – straight from a teacher in the district. The CTA and the Rocklin Teacher’s Union are telling their members to abuse the grievance process in a desperate attempt to prevent the Rocklin School District from re-opening. I wish they were as passionate about teaching Children as they are about trying to avoid working.

Here’s a tid bit. Teachers union meeting happening now — Union has told teachers to file any grievance they can find and to just keep filing grievances:

CTA is telling us to look for things to file grievances about. They are encouraging us to log into RTPA to support them tonight. They are pushing us to block the opening of school.

Laura Schultz is the Sacramento CTA leader and Travis Mougeotte (SP?) is the RUSD rep.

As if we have not provided enough evidence: The Rocklin Teacher’s Union is completely out of control. I hope the Rocklin Unified School District imposes a contract on them and fires the whole lot of them if they go on strike. If the majority of teachers oppose this insane desire to screw over our children and the taxpayers, then it is time for them to speak out otherwise it is safe to say they support this crap.

Then there is the Placer County Democrat Party – they hate Kirk Uhler. They helped elect Suzanne Jones (who publicly spoke in favor of the continued lockdown of Placer County). Not coincidentally, the two faced Jim Holmes’ campaign manager popped up out of the political toilet bowl:

Darren Huppert, ladies and gentlemen. He is Jim Holmes’ campaign brain. He is also a liberal moonbat.

Why am I not surprised to see this? Suzanne Jones is basically parroting Jim Holmes’ talking points about continuing to strangle Placer County with a lockdown. I am wondering if the RINO Suzanne Jones is calling other counties like Jim Holmes telling them to ignore Placer County?

Then there is extreme left-wing homosexual activist Gary Miller. He is a board member on the Roseville City School District. I have long written that he believes everyone that disagrees with him is a homophobe. He has called your intrepid blogger a homophobe. Whatever, Gary is a wackjob – don’t take my word for it, read his own words:

Not Cracker Barrel? I mean they did bad things 30 years ago, we can’t let them open a store in Rocklin!

Remember, this guy is making decisions about the education of your children and he is gay first, everything else second.

Then there is this parent taking Gary out behind the woodshed. Gary could not help himself:

Read and re-read Gary’s Comment. It sounds an awful lot like LaMills Garrett. Gary’s bastardized history has nothing to do with him being Gay, it has to do with him being out of his mind.

And here is Gary Miller advocating for keeping Roseville’s Schools Locked down. It appears that Team Alvord Roseville Police and the national democrat party are campaigning on an America Keyed to Sickness. This is a losing strategy, but may be the only path they think they have.

To be continued as people like Miller, LaMills and Alvord continue to be their own best advocates!

#Obama – Tried to Kill Voucher Programs for Poor (mostly Black) Children in DC and Louisiana!

 Barack Obama, Teacher's Union  Comments Off on #Obama – Tried to Kill Voucher Programs for Poor (mostly Black) Children in DC and Louisiana!
Feb 052014

This is astounding, and it is the Republican Congress that rescued the funding for this in the budget deal that everyone is hammering.

Obama is so pro-union that he has sued to stop educational opportunities in Louisiana and literally took the money out of the FY 2013 budget for education programs in Washington D.C. (after Republicans re-funded it in 2011)!

In August, Obama’s Justice Department Filed Suit To Block Louisiana From Awarding Vouchers To Students In At Least 22 Districts Without A Court Order. “The Justice Department said Louisiana has given vouchers this school year to students in at least 22 districts remaining under desegregation orders. It’s asking the court, starting with the 2014-15 school year, to permanently block the state from awarding vouchers in districts that are under desegregation orders, unless those districts seek court approval. Louisiana lawmakers approved a voucher program in 2008 for low-income New Orleans students who were in failing schools. The Louisiana Scholarship Program was later expanded statewide. It allows children in school districts graded C, D or F to receive public money to attend private schools.” (“Justice Dept. Tries To Stop La. School Vouchers,” The Associated Press, 8/25/13)

  • The Washington Post, On The Justice Department’s Actions: “A Misguided Suit That Would Block These Disadvantaged Students From Getting The Better Educational Opportunities They Are Due.” “Nine of 10 Louisiana children who receive vouchers to attend private schools are black. All are poor and, if not for the state assistance, would be consigned to low-performing or failing schools with little chance of learning the skills they will need to succeed as adults. So it’s bewildering, if not downright perverse, for the Obama administration to use the banner of civil rights to bring a misguided suit that would block these disadvantaged students from getting the better educational opportunities they are due.” (Editorial, “Justice Department Bids To Trap Poor, Black Children In Ineffective Schools,” The Washington Post, 9/1/13)

The D.C Opportunity Scholarship Program Allows Low-Income District Of Columbia Children To Attend Private Schools.“House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) announced Monday that the Education Department has agreed to fully implement the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which allows children from low-income District families to use federal vouchers of up to $12,000 annually to attend private schools.” (Editorial, “A Deal On School Vouchers That Helps D.C. Families,”The Washington Post, 6/20/12)

  • In 2009, Obama Urged The Democrat Controlled Congress To End The Voucher Program. “At the Obama administration’s urging, Congress agreed in 2009 to phase out the program. But it was revived last year as part of a budget deal with House Republicans.”(“Obama Budget Proposal Includes No New Funding For DC Private-School Vouchers,”The Associated Press, 2/14/12)
  • Obama’s FY 2013 Budget “[Requested] Zero Funding For The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program” Despite “A Majority Of D.C. Residents Favor[ing] It.” “Mr. Obama’s fiscal 2013 budget requests zero funding for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which allows children from low-income D.C. families to attend private schools with federal vouchers of up to $12,000 annually. It has proved popular and successful. More than 10,000 families have sought to participate since the program’s start in 2004, and polls show a majority of D.C. residents favor it.” (Editorial, “Who Will Rescue The D.C. Voucher Program This Time?” The Washington Post, 4/10/12)


Teacher’s Union to California’s Students: UP YOURS

 Andy Sheehy, Eureka Union School District, Rocklin, Teacher's Union  Comments Off on Teacher’s Union to California’s Students: UP YOURS
Jun 302011

Thanks to California Voters getting fooled by Labor Unions many times, we have our most recent situation about the Teacher’s Union.

California Voters passed Prop 98 – an onerous spending mandate for Government Schools. (California has slipped from 40th to 49th in the nation since Prop 98 Passed).

Last year – angry voters were tricked by labor unions in to passing Prop 25. In exchange for “Getting the Man”, by not paying legislators when the budget was late – the 2/3 requirement for a state budget was gutted.

So, California Voters are as much to blame as the true evil – the California Teacher’s Association. AB114, a trailer bill tacked onto this year’s majority vote state budget is pure evil.

Because of Prop 98 spending mandates – the CTA patrols the hallways of the state capitol making sure they get every last cent. There is no regard for good government or for what happens to public safety or other services, it is all about them.

The California Teachers Association has long wielded tremendous clout in state budget negotiations. It is a multimillion-dollar player in state political campaigns – and is widely expected to help fund Democratic efforts to raise taxes on the November 2012 ballot.

Another provision in the bill would make the state liable for roughly $2.1 billion in retroactive school funding if voters reject or never get the chance to vote on such a measure.

Part 1 – the CTA is going to try and fool you in to raising your taxes.
According to the Sacramento Bee Articles on the subject – beyond raping the California Taxpayer and the State Budget – the CTA also got their whores in the Capitol to tie up and gag school districts. This bill tells districts that they are forbidden to lay off any teachers in Fiscal Year 2011.
Part 2 – the CTA wants districts to go broke paying their member’s salaries and their benefits.
So Andy Sheehy in the Eureka Union School District is going to get what he wants, to have the district bankrupt itself paying off his donors.
So what Todd Lowell and others warned me about in Rocklin – that the Teacher’s Union refuses to negotiate – is now going to be 1000% worse because their whores in the state legislature have tied Lowell and other’s hands behind their back.
You know what I’ve told the School Board members I know? Impose a contract on the Teacher’s Union and make them all take a 15% pay cut and tell them to thank their union for AB114.
You don’t believe me about the teacher’s union? Take this quote from their friends in the Bee:
As previously reported, it also requires that school districts deal with a potential Mid-year “Trigger” cut by slashing school days and bus transportation rather than Teacher Jobs.
CTA to California: Screw the children, we want to get paid. And since we can write out big, fat checks, no one will get in our way.
Why the hell would anyone want to run for school board?
Jun 022011

From 14 years of involvement in local politics you get to know people.

In the last three weeks – I have spoken with several people in, on and around local school districts about their funding, budgets and challenges. (Several is defined as more than 3 and less than 10 districts)

The patterns are disturbing… almost all of them have said similar things:

1. Their reserves are nearly depleted. Most districts will be dry at the end of FY 2012.

2. The administrators have agreed to cuts in their pay and benefits.

3. The Custodial and Maintenance Workers (most of whom are unionized) have agreed to cuts in pay and benefits.

4. There are a few teachers in each district that are awful and need to be terminated. At least two districts are planning to bite the bullet and go through the lawsuits, delays and absurdities that the Teacher’s Union got put in to law by Gray Davis. This means these districts will spend $250k-$300K per firing while getting squeezed from all sides, by the state, the Teacher’s Union and absurd laws that are bleeding them dry.

5. The Teacher’s Union is refusing to give any significant concessions and in some cases is refusing to negotiate at all. (Nice.)

The common refrain from the members of the school boards is “The Teacher’s Union does not care about the Children” – it is all about maintaining pay and benefits irregardless of consequence.

Some board members have been threatened with having the Union come after them in the subsequent election – even in Placer County the teacher’s union is shameless. They know they can snow a bunch of parents in to thinking the amoral left-wing moonbats they have recruited are “all about the Children”.

Remember Andy Sheehy on the Eureka Joint Union School District? He bought a seat with the help of almost $10k in union money.

Remember Brain Vlahos, Rene Aguilera and extreme left wing gay activist Gary Miller on the Roseville City School District? The Teacher’s Union does control that district – so watch closely for the train-wreck that is coming there. Oh – and that district does not have a single Charter School within its’ boundaries, imagine that.

At the state level – the Teacher’s Union has a bill winding through the state legislature to limit the number of Charter Schools. Screw the kids – we want them stuck in failing government schools in districts that we are going to bankrupt because we won’t negotiate.

Look closely for threatened strikes next year – a political ploy to put pressure on the fiscally conservative districts to cave with pending re-election campaigns coming up.

Meantime – the janitors take pay cuts, the administrators take pay cuts and the teachers union flips us all off.