May 162013

This Cartoon says it all about what Obama’s IRS has done. Every President has used the IRS in my lifetime to hammer political enemies, but Obama has taken it to the next level. Remember when Clinton’s accusers all got audited?

I was too young to remember Nixon’s hijinks.

The image of this seemingly helpless Tea Partier getting strangled by the IRS is burned in my mind, so much so that I felt compelled to write this piece.

I really feel for those groups that the IRS abused. It makes me angry.

You see, I have been critical of the Tea Party. I am a CRA officer and member for life. The CRA is the first group I joined after registering to vote. It is the only Group I am a member of today.

The CRA is the only group in California for Conservative Republicans who want to save babies, save the family and gun rights. Other groups are single-issue or run as fast as they can from the “social issues”.

We’ve seen the articles where homosexual activists admit that their goal is to destroy the institution of marriage. John Eastman was on national TV telling America that the Obama IRS sent a copy of their confidential tax return to the homosexual activist group human rights campaign, ostensibly so that the donors to the National Organization for Marriage could be attacked and exposed.

The IRS stonewalled applications from Tea Party, 9-12, freedom, patriot – etc. etc. etc. groups for tax-exempt status.

But the IRS attacked Romney donors, James Dobson, Franklin Graham and several other religious groups with audits. This is far different than interfering with applications for tax-exempt status from Tea Party Groups.

… but the IRS did not attack the CRA. There was a time in the past where the CRA would have been attacked. This is why I stood up with a handful of CRA officers to fight for the new leadership we now have. The CRA changed course and will grow in to relevance again.

In the early 1990’s, Then (RINO) Governor Pete Wilson flew off the handle at the CRA calling it “<F-Bomb> Irrelevant” because the CRA was such a force at the time that our opposition to his Tax Increase was newsworthy.

In essence, the CRA was the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party. And this is why political consultants and political staff were drawn to the CRA in an attempt to control it.

Other than the social issues, there is a major difference that is at the core if why I don’t identify with the Tea Party.

The CRA has By-Laws and a structure. The Tea Party is libertarian and therefore has limited, if any structure.

This has created problems:

Political Consultants have monetized the Tea Party – like the America Deserves Better PAC, The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, the Tea Party Express, etc.

Campaign Staff and Legislative Staff have infiltrated Tea Parties to use them to do their bidding. Witness the Doug LaMalfa staff that control the Redding Tea Party or the rifts that occurred repeatedly in the Nevada County or Placer County Tea Parties – mostly centered around Doug LaMalfa.

Other Tea Partiers – four from Lincoln led by a fifth with a personal axe to grind voted for Tax-Raising liberal Republicans for Placer GOP Cent Com Leadership. They were joined in this by tea party members from Auburn. Two of the new leaders of the Placer GOP were prepared to publicly endorse Liberal Democrat Jennifer Montgomery for re-election and said so in a Placer GOP meeting last year!

If you did that in the CRA – you’d be subject to expulsion per our by-laws.

In the 2014 election cycle all Republican candidates will be able to approach the CRA knowing that our endorsement has no gatekeeper and is not pre-ordained for the first time in a long-time.

We’ve expelled Political Consultants for manipulating the organization. We’ve defeated others in officer elections. The CRA has been able to police itself and return itself to the control of “we the people”.

The Tea Party has no mechanism to do that by and large. Tea Party Members can support people for office that are an enathma to the stated values and goals of the Tea Party with no consequence.

This is why the CRA endorsement is coveted, the by-laws of the CRA and the organization of the CRA (since 1934!) make it mean something.

… and this is why I am an active member of CRA, not a Tea Party.

Placer County Republican Central Committee Saga in 1000 Words

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Dec 012012

It has gotten back to me that Tea Party members are bragging about how they have “Taken Over” the Placer GOP Central Committee.

It appears that these Tea Party members know everything and that they have decided to start their efforts to save the Republican Party by attacking one of only three counties who have maintained their Republican numbers over the last four years.

Why aren’t those Tea Party members trying to set up operations in Sacramento County? Yolo County? – that is totally Blue Country.

It is simple – to genesis of the Tea Party war against the Placer GOP Central Committee can be found in the Rick Keene vs Doug LaMalfa state senate race. One of Doug LaMalfa’s biggest beneficiaries, Karen England went to war and got to several local Tea parties who were looking for the boogie man.

It appears that Dave Gilliard helped with a media drill as David Stafford Reade, Mark Spannagel and England wanted to make an example out of the Placer GOP’s leadership. This culminated with an article on the front page of the Sacramento Bee that was never substantiated. (Linked here is a .pdf of the story from the Modesto Bee, published the same day as it appears that Dave Gilliard got the Sacramento Bee to remove the story) In the article, Doug LaMalfa accused the Placer GOP is committing felonies including money laundering and influence peddling.

Karen England herself said at the January 2011 organizational meeting that the FBI had visited her house in October to talk about the Placer GOP’s finances. This charge of an FBI investigation has been repeated by Phyllis Wing, Dan Catania, Bonnie McAdams, Leah Cavanaugh and others in local tea parties. It has now been over two years and no one has been visited by the FBI.

However, the Tea Party members who think they know better have refused this blogger’s attempts at communication and the only interaction I have had with them is when Placer GOP events have put us in the same place.

Doug LaMalfa / Jim Nielsen’s operation had co-opted a network of Tea Parties all over the north state. That network appears to be emerging from the influence of those two as the recent Race that LaMalfa had for congress exposed a lot of his hypocricy and the real investigation in to LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff has caused most reasonable people to re-evaluate.

At some point – those of us attacked by LaMalfa get to call BS. My interactions with the local Tea Parties have largely been negative. I have known many to espouse conspiracy theories and anyone that has been in the GOP circles for a long time is treated with suspicion – except for electeds. I have also discovered many people talking behind my back and planning to do in conservative volunteers by virtue of forwarded emails.

The cause? Doug LaMalfa. Ted Gaines. Dave Gilliard. Jim Nielsen.

It is natural, they want to maintain control. Those of us that know them the best stand in opposition to them as we understand that they are not good for the Republican brand.

I know Jim Nielsen to be a fraud – he claims to be a Conservative, yet his record is anything but. The local Tea Party took Nielsen’s word for it, despite proof and walked thousands of pieces for Nielsen while allowing some really bad people they said they opposed to get re-elected to local office.

I know Doug LaMalfa to be a fraud. Despite irrefutable proof – several in local tea parties still worship at his political feet. Both Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa have been proven to have participated in efforts to decimate the California Republican Party platform in a manner that no Tea Party member would approve of, but Doug LaMalfa’s explanation of it not mattering since there was no vote is accepted.

Yet – an alleged FBI investigation and allegations made by those two against Republican volunteers are believed. This is the self-righteous arrogance and stupidity that I have seen from the local tea party members. Not all are like this – but those that ran for Central Committee appear to be of this ilk. And, again – I would retract these statements, but there appears to be no desire by those actors to respond to my attempts to communicate.

My issues with the Gaines are very simple. The number of people they have screwed over is a large list. I have been very clear that my issue with Beth Gaines is that she is incompetent. Neither represents the GOP well.

Simply showing up and voting no does not cut it.

But, does any of it matter? Republicans are irrelevant in Sacramento and this drama is indeed part of the cause.

I am waiting for these local Tea Party members to actually attempt to have a dialogue. I am getting tired of hammering them, but every time I get intel back to me – it shows the same theme:

It’s all about Jim Nielsen, Doug LaMalfa, Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines and everyone that does not support them is the enemy.

As such, these so-called conservatives are ready to align themselves with liberal Republicans to attempt an overthrow of Conservatives on the Placer GOP Cent Com. (Aided and abetted by Charles Munger)

The players: Murriel Oles – rumored to be running for chairman. She openly opposed Conservative hero Tom McClintock, advocating for his primary opponent Michael Babich.

Cheryl Bly-Chester – in the opinion of this blogger, she filed an FPPC complaint against the Placer GOP, she has attacked several Placer GOP leaders in the community and is so far left that she was endorsed by the libertarians for her assembly run. She is also terminally disruptive at Cent Com Meetings.

Jon Green – President of the Moderate Group, Placer County Republican Congress. This group also lists Tea Party member Phyllis Wing on their board of directors.

Mike Holmes – Liberal Republican Auburn Councilmember – he ran against Conservative Congressman John Doolittle twice, he has supported every school bond and parcel tax in his area and he has also repeated vacuous corruption charges several times in an attempt to gain political advantage.

Leah Cavanaugh / Dianne Foster – leaders in the Auburn Women’s Fed. This group is one of the most moderate Republican groups in the county. Again, they apparently supported Tom McClintock’s Primary opponent as evidenced by photos and testimony from several sources.

You see, Tea Party members like Gary Hall, Dan Catania, Carol Wilson, Phyllis Wing, Bonnie McAdams and others are going to have to align themselves with a group of Pro-Choice, No on Prop 8 liberal Republicans who are known to support tax increases (like Placer Legacy) in order to do the bidding of Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen to meet out revenge on the Conservatives.

This is the jam that they are in. I hope for their sake that these Tea Party members understand they are being used. But, then again, these are the same people that believe that there is corruption on the committee as well.

This is a microcausm of why the GOP is dead in California. Jim Nielsen. Doug LaMalfa. Dave Gilliard. Ted Gaines. Beth Gaines.

It’s all about control. (Of nothing)

But, if the Tea party members do what’s expected – maybe just maybe the aforementioned will get the revenge they have craved since 2010, or will they?


The GOP’s Suicide Pact – the Debt Ceiling “Deal”

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Aug 102011

Update: The Dow dove 521 points today – the 3rd time in the last five days that the market has lost 500+ points. Thanks to Washington D.C. we can all grab our ankles now – this is the debt deal rally.

He’s baaaaaack.

I remember watching the 2007, 2008 budget debates in California as the Republicans were self congratulating over passing a train-wreck budget because it didn’t raise taxes.

Then there was the Debt Ceiling Deal recently passed at the Federal Level – it is a deal that Jerry Brown would love. No spending cuts, lots of smoke and mirrors and was rewarded by Standard and Poors with an unprecedented downgrade of the USA’s credit rating.

What was the response from the Left? Arrest the leaders of S&P, it’s all Bush’s fault! What was the response from the Right? See – we didn’t raise taxes – you should love us for this.

Like someone with battered woman syndrome or Stockholm syndrome – the Republican leadership drinks the Kool-Aid again.

What was the response of real America?

62% believe spending cuts mean slowing the pace of spending. So does S&P and Moody’s who are ready to downgrade the USA again at the end of the year.

But the GOP leadership are still chugging the Kool-Aid.

67% favor spending cuts in all Government Programs. Not the GOP leadership.

Only three members of California’s Republican delegation agreed with 67% of America.

Yet the idiots in the media and in the halls of Government are acting like S&P and Moody’s are the bad guys – heck S&P and Moody’s were the nimrods that climbed in bed with the Obama bailouts and his government takeovers of several large US companies. Moody’s rated Lehman Brothers 4 stars the day before they collapsed.

If S&P, Moody’s and America can figure it out – why can’t the GOP leadership? If S&P and Moody’s all the sudden have recovered their integrity and 67% of America says cut spending – meaning a substantial number of Obama’s voters from 2008 are saying this too, it really does suggest that the GOP leadership are intent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory again.

I close with a quote from Financial Guru Dave Ramsey:

“If the US Government was a family, they would be making $58,000 a year, spending $75,000 a year, & they’re $327,000 in credit card debt. They are currently proposing REALLY BIG spending cuts to reduce their spending to $72,000 a year. These are the actual proportions of the federal budget & debt, reduced to a level that we can understand.”

From this blogger to GOP leadership – STEP AWAY FROM THE KOOL-AID.

Rex Babin Cartoon Sums it up:

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Sep 172010

Link for attribution to the Sacramento Bee

 The Cartoon sums up how many of us in Placer County Feel. We have busted our tails for years only to have many in the local tea party believe the insane rantings of a few with personal axes to grind.

Some of the more vocal leaders in the Tea Party have continued their attacks in the General Election and are bent on disrupting those of us trying to elect Republicans.

Yeah they are angry all right and they give the Dems a free pass while they attack Republicans.

Babin is a left-wing moonbat… he made this Cartoon to slam the Tea Party and to try to marginalize them. In many areas the Tea Party is functional and productive – In Placer, many of their leaders are unstable Political Anarchists. (And the Bee uses their rantings as source data for their articles slamming the GOP Cent Com)

Instead of helping Sam Aanestad in the primary – the most viable Conservative – they have recruited a candidate for Lt. Governor now and are actively involved in trying to help Gavin Newsome get elected Lt. Governor.

Nice, Huh.

Mar 212010

Congress just voted 219-212 to pass Obamacare. This would be the Senate bill that was purchased by buying Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieux and others.

This will set off a spate of lawsuits and chaos – all because of a President whose own ego transcends reason.

Obama has given birth to the Tea Party.

In 2006 and 2008 – those of us on the Placer County Republican Central Committee felt really lonely as the Republican Standard-Bearers were liberals like Bush/Arnold/Romney/McCain… and the failure of Republican leadership has given rise to a movement completely aside of either political party.

And here we sit in 2010 with Democrats in almost total control of Governments everywhere…

On Saturday – I visited a Tea Party Rally on Galleria Blvd in Roseville. I wasn’t wearing Red – I just came from the gym. I have gotten to know a few Tea Party folks in Placer County, but I decided to be a part of for a little while.

They got some 200 people to show up to waive flags on short notice. People brought home-made signs to show their displeasure with the tyranny in Washington D.C.

Other than a few who flipped them off – most everyone was honking or waiving in affirmation.

I have been invited to hundreds of rallies in my time in politics.  I am not sure if they affect anything other than the mood of those participating in them – and that may be worth it.

As far as the Tea Party is concerned – they are mad as hell. I hope they don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and start targeting everyone good and bad.

I have seen the gamut from their leadership – from having people push me away when I approach them, seeing people talk about how the Republican Party should “get scared”, to arrogance.

The local group has some of the above – but, mostly they are disaffected Conservatives.

The Obamacare bill passed today – this will cause health insurance premiums to skyrocket, hospitals to close and will extend the recession as the tax increases start immediately.

Ultimately, I hope the Tea Party will help clean out Washington D.C., local government and everything in between.

I was part of the Tea Party for a few minutes on Saturday 3/20/2010 – while they are deciding if they can trust this long-time member of the Republican establishment – this long-time activist is deciding what the Tea Party is all about.

I am going to wait to pass judgement once I see where the anger leads them to – will the movement cause reform or will it flame out once the passion for the anger does as well?