Feb 032018

Back in January of 2016, we broke the sensational story of State Senator Ted Gaines Chief of Staff Steve Davey getting fired by the Senate Rules Committee for a slew of sexual harassment and misconduct complaints.

The recently released document dump of verified sexual misconduct/harrassment complaints released from the California State Capitol has Steve Davey all over it.

This is a personal sense of vindication as I had been told by two capitol insiders that Davey had been terminated. The document dump shows only 2 of the 7 complaints I was told about and does indeed show he was terminated on 2/8/2016.

The LA Times wrote about this story and they got half the story correct and half wrong. It is the clear opinion of this blogger that Dave Titus, Gaines’ current Chief of Staff is working overtime to try to kill the story.

A third capitol insider confirmed recently that the Senate Rules Committee was going to fire Davey, however they let him quit. Ted Gaines had nothing at all to do with Steve Davey quitting as Davey had a string of verified complaints going back to almost the beginning of his reign of terror working for both Gaines. The Gaines knew and did nothing about this monster.

The LA Times was correct that Davey was kept on as a consultant for Beth Gaines’ ill-fated Supervisor Race and he is currently working for Ted Gaines’ Board of Equalization race. We have proof that we will share at a time that suits us, especially if the Gaines respond to this allegation by attacking the accuracy of this blog similar to when I broke the story of Davey’s termination.

In a follow up post on 2/7/2016, we went in to further detail with a former staffer that went on the record to fill in some details:

I always wanted to try to like Steve and Ted, and push aside those negative things people told me. The cumulative effect of things like Steve “ordering” me to move his ball closer to the pin so he could win a putter, and the two of them handicapping the date of the late Senator Cox’s demise with glee and laughter whilst in their capitol office was but one of many nails in the coffin that eventually convinced me that it is indeed true what people say about Steve Davey and Ted Gaines. And the stuff about Steve harassing fellow female employees is all too true. I saw it, many times. How’s about that for trusting in elected officials!

Had the LA Times done some due dilligence, they’d have understood that their story was woefully incomplete. The monster known as Steve Davey was doing this stuff for years as the staffer I spoke to back in 2012 worked for the Gaines operation from 2007-2012 and had a front row seat. In addition, this staffer is no longer a Republican. (I can’t blame him can you?)

Ted Gaines is currently running for Board of Equalization. Steve Davey is STILL involved in the Gaines political operation and affairs. They knew. They did nothing, therefore the Gaines own Steve Davey’s behavior.

Dec 062017

So often, people, not just your intrepid blogger write about things they see coming and are completely ignored. It is easier to dismiss the source rather than deal with the brutal reality.

Some years ago, I had been told about Steve Davey and Dave Titus’ out of control sexual behavior by former staff. Senator Ted Gaines did nothing, and his then Chief of Staff Steve Davey was fired by the Senate Rules committee, which we are now learning is an extremely rare feat, indeed. Many people dismissed the writings of this blog because of the demonstrated disdain for anything Gaines.

One could say that Steve Davey was a trailblazer, or the canary in the sexual coal mine of the Sacramento State Capitol. On January 30, 2016, Rightondaily reported that Steve Davey had been fired for numerous sexual harassment issues. Then on Feb 7, 2016, we posted part two of the disgusting saga of Steve Davey.

Democrat Assemblymember, Roger Hernandez represented the first legislator to fall due to sex issues, (sort of) he beat up his ex and his run for Congress was scuttled as a result. This followed his DUI.

Remember Democrat Senator Ben Huseo with a DUI? Democrat Senators Ron Calderon and Leland Yee getting serious Jail Time for Corruption? Roderick Wright got a slap on the wrist with a guilty verdict for lying about his residency. Link. Their corruption scandals preceded today’s Sexual Scandals.

With Hollywood Icon Harvey Weinstein falling in a public and spectaular way, the sexual scandal dam is breaking. We are finding out now that Weinstein was being protected for years by Bill and Hillary Clinton. (speaking of rapists and sexual deviants) The pattern of powerful democrats protecting high-profile creeps is being exposed, buttressing the concept of the “Deep State”.

Then some 140 women in and around the capitol from sitting members to high level staff and lobbyists signed a letter about the sexual deviance in the California State Capitol.

This is the same capitol whose members voted to throw you in jail for calling someone with a penis a man if they feel like a woman (or a space alien) at the point in time you address them. Yet at the same time, the legislature voted to make infecting someone with HIV a misdemeanor versus a felony. (They also reduced dozens of other felonies to misdemeanors over the last several years)

Then we got Raul Bocanegra. Six women lit him up and apparently there was truth to the allegations as Bocanegra never really fought back against them. A woman who received a settlement as a result of Bocanegra’s abuse lost her job afterwards and was subjected to a confidentiality agreement in order to muzzle her.

Then we got Tony Mendoza. He has three and counting accusers. He has not resigned and is fighting back against the allegations. What is key is that Mendoza fired aides that allegedly knew about his behavior. This is similar to the ex-staffer of Ted Gaines who went on the record with me about Steve Davey.

Now we have Matt Dababneh. I had been warned that DaBabneh had a target on him for a while. Dababneh was lit up by two women, one of which told a graphic, specifically detailed story about Dababneh wacking off in front of her after he followed her in to a bathroom. When Dabs was working for would be impeachment warrior Brad Sherman (who got $250 from Travis Allen, by the way) he allegedly mistreated several female employees.

I am aware that insiders believe as many as 5 more democrat Assemblymembers are under the gun for Sexual Harassment issues. One is a high-profile black member, another is in a district near me and a third is purported to be a female member harassing/attacking females. The same sources that warned me about Dabby have relayed this info. Since I have no proof, I am not naming names.

For as much as Devon Mathis has enraged me with his Cap and Trade vote, I do not believe the sex assault allegations against him are true. I do get that he has terrible judgement and should not be out drinking late at night on legislative days, that alone could sink him. There are a variety of other issues that Mr. Mathis has, but they are not criminal or sexual. It is my opinion that Mathis may survive his scandal in 2018, in terms of staying out of jail.

However, If Mathis survives at the ballot box, it will be because the above three are providing people perspective for what real sex issues look like.

Then we have Chad Mayes and Marc Steinorth. Their affairs with adult women are legal, but not ethical. No one has alleged that what they did was not consensual. Since I have been defending Roy Moore, who has basically admitted dating teenagers, which may or may not have included sex (also legal and immoral), a distinction has to be made. Moore was single. Steinorth and Mayes were married and while they could not get prosecuted for cheating on their wives, they should face accountability for it. I am not a Roy Moore fan as I believe he is a showman and knew 100% what he was doing when he got himself thrown off his bench, however, I am defending him from liars.

Given the current political environment, I am not sure the old fashioned cheating BS so many in Politics are guilty of matters. Watching the National Media walk back their BS about Roy Moore as more and more of his accusers are shredded is also notable. The women who I believe are being hired to lie about Republican candidates to gain political advantage for democrats are making discerning the truth much more difficult.

All this said, Mathis, Mayes and Steinorth are all in serious danger of losing their re-election because of Cap and Trade.

So, back to the capitol. Matt Dababneh has the same Lawyer puke as Harvey Weinstein. She is a malignant cancer who engages in brutal and personal attacks against the women who are brave enough to stand up. She sent a pre-lawsuit warning against the Lobbyist that stood up to Dababneh. Again, given that so many women have been proven to be liars, lying to tilt elections, how can you 100% dismiss Dababneh’s legal tactics.

Women in the Sacramento sewer are in a vice-grip. If they get abused and mistreated and say anything about it, they lose their job (in addition to getting sued) as retaliation.

If I was a female in Sacramento, I would not get anywhere close to any man I was not married to that is anywhere near the Capitol.

When I was told about Ted Gaines former Chief of Staff Steve Davey’s sexual abuse/harrassment issues in 2015, something told me that his behavior was not isolated. Beyond Davey being a graphic illustration of the moral bankruptcy of Ted Gaines, he was a harbinger of what we are seeing today.

There is one other point I will conclude with. Roger Hernandez, Raul Bocanegra and Matt Dababneh are all considered (ahem Tax-Raising) “Biz-Democrats”. The leftist rank and file hate them all. Tony Mendoza on the Senate Side is another. Since I’ve yet to see a liberal get hammered (for sex stuff), it could very well be that the leadership are being selective about their release of leaks regarding the creeps. Of the three other possibles in the Assembly, two are indeed liberals and a third is another tax-raising moderate like the three known creeps.

It could well be that the democrat leadership are using the sex abuse scandals to clean house of those pesky “moderates”. These people know 100% what they are doing (such as legalizing ballot harvesting, changing the rules on absentee ballots to allow for election day dumping, and of course same day fraud registration for a few examples) and I put nothing past them…

Nov 102016

Many of you that read this blog regularly know I have no use for Beth Gaines or Ted Gaines. They represent the worst politics has to offer:

  1. They play Christian when it suits them
  2. They discard political allies at a whim and are loyal to no one
  3. They are always looking at the next office beyond the one they are in

Beth Gaines shopped for three offices to run for, and settled on running for El Dorado County Supervisor after determining that she could not beat Kirk Uhler in Placer and the wise now-retired Roberta MacGlashan waited until Gaines moved to a rented house in Serrano to retire. N/E Sacramento County was spared Beth Gaines and will soon be represented by Sue Frost.

El Dorado County had to rid itself of the Gaines cancer. Beth Gaines used a bunch of money she raised in to her Assembly account to build a seemingly insurmountable lead for herself. She believed she had the name ID and good will in El Dorado County to use them for her next government paycheck.

Then along came John Hidahl, a 40 year resident of the area. Hidahl ran a modest, but straightforward campaign. Hidahl was known to people and rooted in the area and is notably able to complete full sentences extemporaneously.

One of the best moments of the evening was getting a text message from a friend showing Gaines trailing Hidahl in the runoff by a massive 17 points. That margin held throughout the night.

A man I believe to be a sexual predator, who was reportedly (as told to me by several in the Capitol) fired by the State Senate Rules committee for multiple documented and real sexual harassment complaints, Steve Davey was her campaign manager. Davey needed a paycheck once he was forced out of Sacramento.

This is humiliating for Sssssteve Davey as well as his departure from Ted Gaines office was spun as a promotion in to him running his own consulting business. I hope someday to have a candidate running against one of his, and anyone that knows how to treat women and whose IQ is above plant life should relish the chance to square off against Davey in a campaign.

Beth Gaines was supposed to occupy an El Dorado County Supervisor seat for 2.5 years and then Run for State Senate in a Special Election in 2019. The idea was that her name ID could carry her in to office like it did in a special election in 2011.

Then the feckless, incompetent team of Beth Gaines and Steve Davey got their asses kicked.

Ted Gaines, just re-elected to his final term in the State Senate is already lining up his run for Board of Equalization in 2018. He has moved money and raised money and is buying slate mail cards in preparation for that run. I am told that Gaines, whose district runs all the way to the Oregon Border is rarely ever seen North of Auburn.

The defeat of Beth Gaines puts a major crimp in the best laid plans of team Gaines. After the establishment (who lost badly on the GOP side in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump) funded Gaines re-election in 2012 despite their knowledge of her incompetence and lack of character, it has been a long wait for justice for the betrayals of many in South Placer.

We will still have to beat her one more time in 2019 should Ted Gaines win his BOE race in 2018. That will be a very different election as donors have little to fear from a BOE member versus a sitting State Senator leveraging that position to force donors in to supporting an unqualified spouse. We will have a chance to get rid of the Gaines scourge in California if we stop Ted Gaines for BOE in 2018, as Ted will be forced out of his 15 year infestation of state-level office by term limits in 2020.

For now, I will enjoy some justice for those that Ssssteve Davey and the Gaines have hurt – knowing full well that their sense of entitlement to public office will never stop.

Feb 072016

The stories are legion. I first met Adam Willoughby in late 2007ish when Ted Gaines had betrayed Congressman John Doolittle by filing an exploratory committee against him. Gaines had basically been ushered in to office by a massive effort of local and retiring partisan electeds. Ted Gaines was a protege of John Doolittle and his actions in 2007 showed us all that his pattern of deceit, betrayal and personal fraud was set in long before he took public office.

Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines betrayed many people in the course of their office shopping, and the list of people is legion. Basically, look at the endorsement list of Bill Halldin and pretty much everyone on it from Placer County has been negatively affected by the Gaines.

While Adam was angry with me at the time for lambasting Ted Gaines, He would live an almost 5 year nightmare working in the Gaines operation that culminated in us meeting in 2012.

We had lunch one day in early 2012 when Andy Pugno was challenging Beth Gaines for Assembly and I had recently also signed on the dotted line with Shasta County Supervisor Les Baugh who Challenged Ted Gaines for State Senate.

Ted Gaines had betrayed John Allard in 2011, after verbally endorsing him and instead got his wife Beth to run for Assembly ostensibly to get a second paycheck in to the family.

I have written ad naseum about the bizarre happenstance surrounding the Gaines finances, etc that have ensued since.

As it relates to Adam, he was purged out of the Gaines operation in 2011 along with everyone who helped get Ted Gaines elected to the State Senate including now CRP field director David Creager and Joe Sturgis who now works for Don Wagner. (Ted Gaines ran for an won the seat vacated by the death of Statesman Dave Cox).

I saw how badly all three of those men were affected personally and financially by what was done to them by Steve Davey with Ted Gaines’ approval. It was a personally difficult time controlling my anger over seeing good people getting hurt en masse by the Gaines operation.

Having already been enraged by the growing list of people that Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines had hurt, and their unbelievable behavior, I thought I was prepared for what Adam was going to tell me.

I wasn’t. Adam and I will probably take half of the information he shared to our graves, as it is so vile and disgusting that even an “attack dog” like me can not put it in to words.

Adam is a very even-keeled man and is not demonstrative. As he shared his experiences with me, he was visibly shaken as if it was the first time he had been telling his story.

As I wrote last week about the psychotic rampage of Steve Davey while Ted Gaines did nothing, it was the first time I had ever revealed details of that meeting publicly. I held that inside me for almost four years.

Adam left the following comment on that post that he signed his name to:

I always wanted to try to like Steve and Ted, and push aside those negative things people told me. The cumulative effect of things like Steve “ordering” me to move his ball closer to the pin so he could win a putter, and the two of them handicapping the date of the late Senator Cox’s demise with glee and laughter whilst in their capitol office was but one of many nails in the coffin that eventually convinced me that it is indeed true what people say about Steve Davey and Ted Gaines. And the stuff about Steve harassing fellow female employees is all too true. I saw it, many times. How’s about that for trusting in elected officials!

I applaud Adam for his courage in standing up publicly. I pay a price often for the blogs I write. There are some in politics that probably have voodoo dolls of me in their closet (where they are hiding their true essence). Just understand that everything I write, I believe to be true and with reason. The RightonDaily Blog was founded in order to expose fraud within the Republican Party. Until we have a generation of leaders that are true to their conservative values, the GOP will continue to slide in to irrelevance in California. This is something the Gaines care nothing about as long as they get paid.

All that said, Team Gaines is spinning Steve Davey’s dismissal as Ted Gaines’ Chief of Staff as him taking over to run Beth Gaines’ supervisor campaign. I believe that to be a lie, however at this time I can not prove what I know to be true versus what they are saying.

Let’s say that I am wrong and the termination of Steve Davey by someone other than Ted Gaines is not true… then the people of El Dorado County need to be concerned and perhaps Steve Davey should have a police escort around him so he can’t act out on the women of El Dorado Hills in the same manner as he has in the legislative office or at CRP Conventions. El Dorado County has a ton of problems in its’ local government – recalls and alleged DA corruption notwithstanding.

So everyone should step back and ask yourself as a voter of El Dorado County if you want that kind of filth in the County Supervisor’s office.

P.S. Ted Gaines has an opponent for re-election. Maybe people should take a long look at that guy, Steven Baird as well.

Please note: AD06 Candidate Cristi Nelson wrote Ted Gaines for State Senate a $2500 check out of her official Assembly account on 10/6, was this payment for services rendered? In case you’re not connecting the dots, click here to see the announcement of the endorsement on 10/13, 7 days after the check was written. Now we know the price tag. Business as Usual for Team Gaines.

Jan 302016

The event people have waited for, for years has finally happened. Team Gaines attempted to make it happen quietly, but your intrepid blogger has excellent sources.

Someday, I do hope to tell the back story of how it happened as Steve Davey’s out of control life pattern appears to have been central in his ouster.

No – Ted Gaines did not fire Steve Davey. This is as far as I can comment.

Years ago, most people that Ted Gaines spoke with told him not to hire Steve Davey. It appears that since then, Davey through Ted has sought revenge on all of them. The list of local electeds that Ted Gaines has abused is legion.

Ted Gaines appears to have been well suited and quite a match with Mr. Davey as the pattern of political paranoia and betrayal has been consistent and few have not been affected by it.

Beth Gaines’ Chief of Staff Dave Titus now works for Ted Gaines. Similar to Beth Gaines discarding her constituents in favor of her next campaign, the morally and ethically challenged Dave Titus had to find a new gig. Steve Davey’s ouster made that easy.

Ssssteve Davey and Dave Titus met while working for Rico Oller. In 2004, when Rico Oller ran unsuccessfully for Congress, I saw firsthand Dave Titus have an affair with a 20 something staffer who is now his current wife. Titus discarded his then wife of 20+ years in favor of this much younger woman and reputedly he has cheated on her as much as he did on his first wife – while Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines do nothing.

Ssssteve Davey learned well. Too well. According to several ex-staffers of Ted and Beth Gaines, Steve Davey is a monster who is reputed to have been subjected to multiple claims of harassment. I have first hand knowledge that Davey used to make crass sexual comments about local elected women. Ted Gaines did nothing.

Steve Davey sexually harassed female staff. This is a fact repeated to me several times by former staff. Ted Gaines did nothing.

Steve Davey directed a former staffer to move his ball at a golf tournament in order to steal a putter for the best ball tournament. Steve Davey is in the process of getting a divorce and while I have no direct proof – I am sure Mr. Davey copied his mentor’s pattern of infidelity and again former Gaines staff told me she had left him at least twice before.

I have seen Steve Davey take off his wedding ring at CRP conventions for years in order to aid his efforts for horizontal refreshment at said conventions. Ted Gaines had to know about all of this and he did nothing.

Ted Gaines has demonstrated that he lacks the judgement to be in office as he has tolerated and even encouraged Steve Davey’s behavior for years.

Now – Ted Gaines has endorsed Cristi Nelson for Assembly. Nelson has no connection to the district and neither does Ted or he’d have fired Steve Davey years ago.

If you have any question about Ted Gaines’ encouragement and approval of Steve Davey’s rampage – When Senator Dave Cox was dying, Ted Gaines and Steve Davey used to laugh about it in their office jokingly keeping track on a calendar and taking bets with one another on when that day would be.

Yes – I have spoken to many former members of Team Gaines staff. My contempt for the Gaines has been earned, this is not simply a matter of sour grapes over past elections. Soon, the people of SD01 will get a chance to judge Ted Gaines again. My fear is that his well-meaning opponent will not have the resources to get his own message out.

Soon, the voters of El Dorado County will have a chance to reject Beth Gaines. It is more likely in that tilt that another candidate can gain traction and beat the coronation that Beth Gaines expects to have happen… more on that soon…