Nov 202018

This is today’s I told you so moment. The narissistic rage continues. Similar to Barack Hussein Obama pardoning traitors, Stan Sniff just flipped off every fallen officer in America. This comes as no surprise to me as I have known Sniff does not care about anyone other than himself.

The Blue Light Ceremony is a remembrance to fallen officers and is an occasion that has significant importance to the rank and file. Given that Sniff has skipped several funerals of fallen officers, this is consistent with his pattern.

To those that endorsed Sniff – you own this. To those that refused to take a stand, you enabled this. To the local media, maybe you can grow a conscience and report on this unless your bruised egos won’t let you.

Chad Bianco has a gigantic mess to clean up.

To our Honored Guests,

We recently invited you to attend our annual Blue Light ceremony, scheduled for the evening of December 10 and December 17, 2018; regretfully, these ceremonies are being cancelled.

In keeping with the Blue Light tradition, the Department will be recognizing the fallen by displaying blue lights from December 10, 2018through January 1, 2019.

The blue light is symbolic of our remembrance of all officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty and also honors those officers who continue to work today. Honor, Respect and Remembrance will always be given to the law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Please join us in displaying blue lights during the month of December to show your support.


Kevin Vest

Assistant Sheriff

Kristie Smith, CSO II

Sheriff’s Administration

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

4095 Lemon Street, 2nd Floor

Riverside, CA 92501

Desk 951-955-9529

Cell 951-892-1758

[email protected]

Nov 202018

Those of us that know Stan Sniff best warned everyone that he was going to burn the department down on the way out the door.

Stan Sniff directed his staff to refuse any assistance or cooperation with the transition. This is similar to the acts of vandalism by Clinton Staffers before George W Bush was inaugurated or Barack Hussein Obama’s Narcissistic Rage post 2016 election.

While Obama did things like recalling the fleets from over seas and pardoning traitors, Stan Sniff has been promoting reviled scum (my opinion and that of a lot of others) such as Christian Dekkker, Tony Pelato and moving others (like Martin Tochtrop) to choice assignments. This is being done while Sniff is fully well aware that a Sheriff Bianco can undo these moves once sworn in.

However, Sniff has made it clear no one is to lift a finger to do a positive thing for the department until Bianco is sworn in on January 8th.

All the people pictured in this photo are roadkill. Sniff is doing nothing to help any of them, despite their years of loyal service doing the bidding of the corrupt sheriff.

Three people in this photo have put in their retirement papers. A 4th, Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood is having medical issues and may be able to medically retire beyond his expected retirement.

Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest, who is probably the most hated member of the “Second Floor” has reportedly been meddling in union contract business. (according to at least 7 sources from all over the county) Vest was to have been Stan Sniff’s choice to serve as the lame duck Sheriff so he could stomp off. The County Board of Supervisors – apparently aware of Vest’s role in attempted sabotage – told Sniff to pound sand, including John Taviglione who chose to endorse Sniff.

Upon learning that the morbidly obese Kevin Vest would not be allowed to spike his pension with a short-term promotion to Sheriff, Sniff flew off in to another of his frequent rages which resulted in giving the orders to everyone to mess everything up for the transition.

In the photo next to Vest is Chief Deputy Kubel – evidence we have suggests that Kubel was involved in railroading two whistleblowers.

The first is Tammy Smoak who was subjected to multiple instances of bona-fide harassment. PSB instead used her communications with your intrepid blogger as cause to terminate her rather than dealing with the out of control correctional deputies, Sgts and Lt’s at that jail. It is the Stan Sniff way to hose the whistleblower because terminating one person wrongly is easier than terminating a bunch of perpetrators within the ranks. It is alleged that Kubel was masterminding the cover-up.

The Second? I received a detailed letter and along with a bunch of supporting evidence that suggest there was a major time card ripoff going on at the SW Jail. People named included Sgt Mooney and at least 7 other Deputies/Corporals at the jail leaving work early, going to the gym on the clock, working overtime elsewhere while on the clock. The letter alleges a rip off totaling $115,000. If pushed, I will publish the letter in its’ entirety.

The Lt. and the Captain (Captain Nordstrom) at the SW jail/court services appear to have received a copy of the whistle-blower’s complaint as the retaliation was sudden. PSB is in the process of getting this person fired before 1/7/2019 so they can put a lid on the rip off. It is alleged that Kubel was involved in this as well.

Chief Deputy Jeff Kubel needs to be held accountable for his part in covering up the malfeasance at the SW Jail / court services.

Please note that Chief Deputy Cheryl Evans and Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez are also considered supervisory personnel for the Jails. I’ve detailed their misdeeds at some length in previous posts.

For reasons that escape me, the Riverside County DA’s office is still pursuing the prosecution of Donald Vincent Brooks. Instead of standing up for common sense, it appears that Riverside County DA Mike Hestrin is taking the easy way out allowing the prosecution to proceed despite the extraordinary Pitchess Motion that was re-heard and granted.

This is the same Riverside DA (Mike Hestrin) that could not tell the rank and file the truth – allegedly claiming that this blog as his excuse for not publicly endorsing Chad Bianco rather than admitting he was too scared to take a stand.

Remember the Deputy that Lt Mark Bostrom had arrested at the training facility that ended up testing clean for dope? Guess what, they fired her too because she had a lot of information on a lot of men in the department. It is alleged that Bostrom was able to cease her “black book” for evidence after she was arrested and handcuffed out of her car.

So given that Sniff has ordered his people to muck up the works after his attempt to promote Vest, the active role of Chief Kubel in firing one and PERS-ing a second whistleblower, vengeful promotions, the malicious prosecution of Donald Vincent Brooks, Sniff’s constant temper tantrums, appearing to be tying up loose ends,  it makes the next bit of info no surprise at all…

… it has been put to this blogger that the entire second floor are on pins and needles. Chief Horton and Raya are under 50. So is AS Vest. Chief Ford is under 50, Kubel may be as well. Misha Graves may well be under 50. They all know they will be without a paycheck until they turn 50 and can milk their bloated retirement. Sniff’s daily rages have the second floor in stasis.

Stan Sniff is seeing to it that everyone there is frozen in place, interfering with their efforts to find other employment. Sniff is also looking after himself only and has basically thrown everyone on the second floor to the wolves. If Stan Sniff is as mentally ill as I believe he is, he is probably blaming his management staff for his defeat at the ballot box.

Think it through, the management team of yes-men / butt-monkeys have been discarded by the corrupt sheriff now that they are no longer useful. Once again, your intrepid blogger called this course of action months ago. I hope all of the soon-to-be-unemployed management staff reflect on what they allowed themselves to become as they are not victims. They deserve what Sniff is doing to them, for entirely different reasons than Sniff has for doing it to them.

Sniff is only getting started, watch him retaliate against other friends. More people will be “PERS-ed”, equipment will be withheld, yellow days will continue, Bianco supporters will be forced to work holidays, budgets will be messed with, and more corrupt losers will be promoted.

Lastly, I’ve received multiple reports of shred vehicles being at the Sheriff’s Admin building. If true, what are they shredding? Records about Kevin Duffy? Records of all the harassment and malfeasance they covered up? Budget games?

Chad Bianco has basically made it clear that a lot of cover-ups were going to be re-opened. It stands to reason that the Corrupt Sheriff would be attempting to cover his tracks.

It is going to be a long 7 weeks until Sniff is finally gone.

Nov 092018

As you can imagine the rank and file in the Sheriff’s Department are elated.

Pictured is Chief Deputy Jason “Deuce” Horton – he has said to some that he is going to run for Sheriff in 4 years against Sheriff-Elect Chad Bianco. Then, later, he was attempting to brown nose to keep a job. Horton is 48 and needs another 15 months or so for a full retirement. #EPICFAIL He better hope the file about the DUI he allegedly got away with was destroyed by his pals in Sheriff’s Admin. (If it is untrue, then he has a lot of issues to worry about anyway)

Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood – another Chief Deputy is suddenly ill. Something about heart issues, no one I spoke to knew anything about Wood having health issues as just two weeks ago he was threatening people in their offices. Rumors are just that, rumors. One set has him putting in his retirement papers and another set has him attempting to medically tap out.

Update: It appears that Chief Deputy Ray Wood did indeed end up in the ER on Wed with some sort of legitimate heart issue. All my opinions of him aside, I hope he is OK physically. Never, EVER root for people you don’t like or political enemies to suffer ill, otherwise you’re no better than the ill you attempt to defeat at the ballot box. Good luck Ray and recover fully.

Another insane rumor that turns out to be partially true is an alleged Stan Sniff temper tantrum, no, not the infamous video folks, a real tantrum. It appears he had to be talked out of shutting down the CCW Department as his refusal to have reasonable CCW issuance practices was a major campaign issue. (And exposed the hypocrisy of the NRA and H Paul Payne) Somehow, shutting the CCW department down was supposed to accomplish something.

That’s correct, a sitting Sheriff had a serious enough conversation that even his butt monkies (ohhh there is that word again) had to talk him out of yet another felony stupid move.

In other news – Sheriff-Elect Chad Bianco has made it clear that the Kevin Duffy Serial Child Molestation Case will be followed up on and finished the right way.

Your intrepid blogger has received multiple reports of Shred Trucks parked at or near the Sheriff’s Admin Office. I am not 100% sure what that means, but I have written many times I am of the opinion that Sniff and Crew will seek to cover their tracks.

The malicious prosecution of Donald Vincent Brooks is continuing. (Again, my opinion of the case) The investigator in the case that I think is dirty was attempting to brown-nose the Sheriff Elect after the election.

Your intrepid blogger was contacted by Stan Sniff major donor and failed assembly candidate Mohammad Ali Mazarei to pay off on a bet he made with me related to the election. I have not determined if I am going to return the call.

A personal note to Riverside DA Mike Hestrin: It was put to me that you refused to endorse Chad Bianco because of this blog. I don’t know you and I have never met you. I hope that rumor is false, not because I care, but because it makes you look weak in the face of corruption. That is not a good look for a DA who looks to be busy for a while with several messes within the Sheriff’s Department. Help the Sheriff clean it up so four years from now I have little or nothing to write about.

Several photos on social media started to emerge post election. In one case, it appears that the Sheriff or one of his Butt-Monkies got a group photo from Chad Bianco’s home station of Hemet removed. It is re-posted here.

I do not envy the job Chad Bianco has to deal with. But, man do I think he is equal to the task.

Your Intrepid Blogger will continue to follow up as events warrant. Thanks again to all within RSO and interested citizens that had the courage to come forward. I may have been the forum, but all of you supplied me with the tools to play a role in this election.

Nov 062018

(This is a commentary from your intrepid blogger with a mix of facts and conclusions I have drawn from my experience with them)

Election Day has arrived. It was something like October of 2017 when I started in on Stan Sniff. Having been paying attention to Riverside Politics closely, I can tell you a few things.

Eric Linder is the Clear Choice for Supervisor in District 2. Karen Spiegel even agreed, attacking Eric Linder for his low scores from leftist groups including planned parenthood dating to his days as an assemblymember. Spiegel took $1,000 from Planned Parenthood.

Spiegel also voted for several tax increases as a City Councilmember, such as Cable Bills, Ambulance Fees and other city fees. Spiegel even signed letters in support of the massive SB1 Gas Tax Hike, Cap and Trade and the $100Billion disaster known as High Speed Rail.

Karen Spiegel is a fraud and her extreme left-wing attacks against Eric Linder show that she has made fools of the local GOP who endorsed her.

Not to be outdone is the Corrupt Sheriff of Riverside-Nottingham. Today is judgement day for Stan Sniff.

Stan Sniff’s issues are legion –

While claiming to be pro-gun, he has arrogantly hung on to the “Good Cause” excuse to deny 80% of the CCW applications submitted to him, until the scrutiny of months long wait times for said denials got to him politically stories of waits of up to 26 months just to get interviews were common. Sniff is “endorsed” by the NRA, a group controlled by H Paul Payne – who may well be stalking his separated wife and separately may be pocketing money meant for outreach.

Stan Sniff has mismanaged the budget of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. We’ve posted dozens of stories and photos of broken equipment. Sniff is famous for complaining about every budget given to him by the board of supervisors – until magically this year’s budget that was a disaster in January was suddenly o.k. Even more curious was the sudden discovery of $10MM to fund resolving the years-long CCW application backlog. (Note, Sniff’s lackeys in the local media have not reported on the slew of declined applications)

Sniff is reputed and documented to have enabled and supported corruption within his ranks. We’ve detailed cover-ups of DUI’s, Felonies, Sexual misconduct, cheating on advancement exams, cheating on time cards, terminating whistle blowers, preferential treatment of certain employees at the expense of others, retaliation, promoting employee campaign donors, physical violence, sharing confidential medical records, violating anonymity of whistle blowers, terminating harassment victims rather than disciplining the harassers and the list goes on.

We’ve documented specific instances such as Frank “Drone Boy” Taylor, Lt. Robert “Gunslinger” Rose, Jason “Deuce” Horton, Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood, Robert Epps, Christian Dekker, Lt. Mark Bostrom and the list goes on ad naseum.

Sniff is reputed to give out CCW Permits to donors and political allies while refusing the applications of others that have more “good cause”. Sniff is reputed to have given donors helicopter rides and access to sheriff’s facilities that even employees have limited access to (such as gun ranges).

Stan Sniff has taken money from convicted felons and hosted campaign events at businesses owned in part by convicted felons. Stan Sniff lists people with police records prominently as endorsers.

In the Primary – Stan Sniff promoted people of color and attempted to use them as political props, similar to 2014. Sniff’s obsession with identity politics is so severe that he had a Gay Station Captain go to Palm Springs and lie on Camera about Homophobia (Sniff and the Captain met with a council-member beforehand ostensibly to orchestrate the theatrics). Two Muslim supporters of Stan Sniff got in to the act, one staging a hate crime and the other going to the board of supervisors meeting, giving a rambling incoherent presentation.

Stan Sniff has had political scizophrenia – he sided with the ACLU against the employees of his department on using Body Camrea Video in a manner that denies the men due process rights and sided with the ACLU with regard to cooperating with federal immigration authorities. Yet, Sniff claims to be a Republican.

Sniff has attacked Chad Bianco for supporting Natural Marriage and Gender Dysphoria Counseling. He has attacked the Republican Party for its’ stance on immigration and gun rights issues. Sniff has even attacked Chad Bianco for supporting “Shall Issue” CCW permitting, consistent with the NRA’s position. In a bizarre twist, in an attempt to cover the embarrassment of H Paul Payne and others that rigged the NRA endorsement for him, he called the NRA a “Moderate” Gun-Rights Group in a news article.

Sniff has claimed with a straight face on camera that he has successfully led the department, yet at the same time says talk about low morale is an election year stunt. In the last 24 months over 450 employees have left the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. Current Employees are on mandatory overtime, many are being forced to work 6 days a week because of critical shortages of manpower.

At least 25 current employees who are Chad Bianco supporters are facing disciplinary action and one young employee got 80 hours of unpaid suspension for taking a photo of himself in uniform while holding a Chad Bianco Sign. Countless times, we have documented threats, intimidation and Stan Sniff management staff campaigning on taxpayer time. Countless times, we have documented the termination of employees in order to cover up malfeasance, including Deputy Birchard who appears to have been set up and then later fired over something unrelated to the original set up. Sniff’s department is attempting to lynch Donald Vincent Brooks, who has not seen his child in over 2 1/2 years due to the smears and opportunistic prosecution. Gabe Dennington is in to year 6 of his fight against the department. Correctional Deputy Tammy Smoak was terminated because that was easier than dealing with the 6-8 employees at the SW Jail that were harassing her and others – several of those employees I have recently received documentation (Videos, Timesheets and otherwise) showing they have been cheating on their timecards – ripping off the taxpayers.

43,500 felons THAT WE KNOW OF have been early released due in large part to Stan Sniff’s refusal to lead on the issues of jail space and jail staffing. All the years he fought with the board of supervisors and used jail staffing as a tool for political leverage have made thousands of felons very happy as many know they will never face real consequences for their criminal acts.

Despite Sniff’s distorted Statistics – the official statistics from the Department of Justice show Crime is spiraling in Riverside County. This is the clearest sign of failure for a Sheriff.

Stan Sniff is alleged to have bought off Supervisor John Taviglione for his endorsement. They agreed to a shame of an audit of the Jurupa Valley Station in order to give Taviglione some face-saving cover on his way out of office. JT’s residual grudge against the Riverside Sheriff’s Association and the nexus of this deal allowed him to kill off two birds with one stone.

Sniff is tying up loose ends. He promoted the documented racist Tony Pelato. He promoted Christian Dekker, famous for setting up fellow employees, cheating on his timecards, milking overtime and along with Martin Tochtrop (who Sniff also Promoted to, get this, the Internal Affairs department) tried to set up an inmate at the jail they knew was being released by mistake. He has promoted almost everyone we saw on the cheating scandal list, almost in a narcissistic rage to show everyone he is still boss. When you combine this with the sudden flurry of personnel investigations, strategically against Chad Bianco supporters and Whistleblowers – you have a disturbing pattern similar to the narcissistic rage Obama went off on in his last months in office. (recalling the fleets, throwing Israel under the bus at the UN, pardoning bradley manning and other traitors, last minute regulations, attempting to appoint several losers, the FBI/DOJ set up of Trump Campaign officials, etc.) I shudder to think what Sniff and his minions on the second floor will do in the two months he has as a lame duck sheriff (beyond destroying evidence that is)…

We know that the local media are in the bag for the Sheriff, the dynamic is almost exactly similar to the national stage. The Press-Enterprise and the Desert Sun endorsed Stan Sniff for some very petty and personal reasons. Don’t kid yourself, they both have buyer’s remorse and doubled down on corruption and failure – because to support Chad Bianco would mean an admission that they had been in the bag for the corrupt sheriff and they were wrong. They’d rather lose their credibility than do that. Again, see the national media whose trust interval is in the 25% range and a recent Morning Consult Poll (which has a Dem +5 Bias) said 64% of Americans think the media has done more the divide the country than anyone or anything else.

Even if none of the above matters to you at all – Even if Sniff had actually been a decent sheriff versus the documented reality – what about the cover up of the Kevin Duffy serial Child Molestation Scandal? Sniff has not even lied about it right. He said there was only one victim, we know of 7. We know that the cover up started from almost day one. We know that something like 250 children were at risk from this guy. We know that dozens of victims were denied closure due to the cover up.

You can be as cynical as you want and say “All politicians are corrupt, who cares”. When a politician (Sniff’s words) does not protect women and children what’s left?

You have it all – a feckless GOP that has refused to stand up for its’ own enumerated values. A local media establishment that has cowered in fear of the tyrant. A tyrant that has run roughshod over his department. Leadership within said department that are all enablers of the tyrant. Crime rates spiraling, scum getting let out of jail as fast as they are arrested and areas with as few as one deputy on patrol due to staffing shortages…

… then a courageous remnant within said department that rose up in the face of losing their livelihoods to say enough is enough.

I will finish with this – Sniff’s enablers in the local media and the local GOP have attacked me personally several times including making me the target of some of the faked events. My business (outside of politics) has been attacked. My wife has been attacked with people trying to get her fired and creepy social media trolling. I’ve had friendlies wonder on the phone with me how I have avoided getting assaulted, followed or set up by the Sheriff.

I don’t live in fear of Stan Sniff, instead I drove in to his neighborhood and shot video of his house.

The men and women of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office – at least those that did not whore their integrity out to the Sniff Regime almost to a person pinned their hopes of overthrowing Stan Sniff on this blog and this blogger. What was going to be an interesting diversion from the more mundane political stuff I do every election cycle turned in to a personal mission. I am not sure if Stan Sniff will lose tonight (if you are an election day voter – please vote for Chad Bianco), but what I am sure of is that Stan Sniff’s reign of terror has been severely altered and exposed. What I am also sure of is that the mission to restore the integrity of law enforcement in Riverside County does not end today… it continues. Your Intrepid Blogger will have a lot to follow up on regardless of the outcome…

Nov 062018

Dear Kurly, before going to Palm Springs and Crashing a City Council Meeting to give a tear-filled Daytime Emmy performance, you may want to balance your checkbook.

Dave Kurly Kurylowicz is the Captain of the Moreno Valley Station. Moreno Valley rivals Hemet for the biggest war zone in Riverside County.

Since we now know that Kurly is not minding his own checkbook, I am wondering if we should replace him with a real monkey (versus a another Sniff Butt Monkey) as Captain of the MoVal Station. I’d bet that Primate could do a better job of managing the finances of the station.

For those of you that may be missing the significance, Kurly is a loud, out and proud supporter of Stan Sniff. He has publicly attacked everyone that disagrees with him, gratuitously playing the Gay card. This is a screenshot of the Riverside Sheriff’s Association campaign committee financial report. Remember – this is the eeeeeeeevil yoooooooonyun that has donated $1Millon+ to Chad Bianco, the man that Kurly attacked publicly (without evidence mind you).

So, in essence, Kurly donated to the man he accused of hating him for being gay.

That is felony stupid. But, this is par for the course in the 2018 Riverside County Sheriff’s race.